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The Benefits of Trademark Registration

A trademark is a type of intellectual property that consists of a recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies and distinguishes products or services from other sources. The owner of a trademark can be an individual, a business organization, or any legal entity. Brand Registration Can Help You Protect Your...

by Admin

FAQ about Residence Permits

Let's answer some of your questions. Frequently asked questions How can I get the address information and phone numbers of the provincial migration managements? On the website of the Presidency of Migration Management, "Göç İdaresi Başkanlığı" (, you may find the contact information and physical addresses of...

A Guide to Portugal's D7 Visa

Foreign nationals can acquire a residence permit and eventually Portuguese citizenship with the Portugal D7 visa, which is a residency visa. It is suitable for people who want to go to the country and have the resources to support themselves through passive or recurrent income (without relying on salaried income)...

by Admin
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