Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads

Discover the best places to live, work and explore in Turkey as a digital nomad. Find out how to make the most of your experience as a digital nomad in this beautiful country.

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A Guide to Portugal's D7 Visa

Foreign nationals can acquire a residence permit and eventually Portuguese citizenship with the Portugal D7 visa, which is a residency visa. It is suitable for people who want to go to the country and have the resources to support themselves through passive or recurrent income (without relying on salaried income)...

by Editor

Working from Home is Widespread

Working from home dates are constantly being postponed to a later date as the corona virus epidemic continues. According to the research conducted by career site LinkedIn by examining job postings published in 18 countries, the number of job postings looking for employees to work remotely / from home increased 2....

by Editor
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