Working from home dates are constantly being postponed to a later date as the corona virus epidemic continues.

According to the research conducted by career site LinkedIn by examining job postings published in 18 countries, the number of job postings looking for employees to work remotely / from home increased 2.8 times as of the end of May compared to the beginning of March.

Considering the countries, Brazil comes first with an increase of 4.9 times. It was followed by Spain and the UK with a 3.8-fold increase, the Netherlands with a 3.5-fold increase, and Australia with a 3.4-fold increase.

When the applications for the postings that offer remote employment were examined by profession, the biggest increase  was experienced in the field of ' Customer Support Representative' . There was a 112 percent increase in the applications made to the postings that allow doing this job from home.

This was followed by the 'Marketing Expert' with an increase of 89 percent.

Telecommuting companies around the world are satisfied with this change.

The reduction in costs and the ability to access a wider talent pool cause many companies to make remote work permanent.

According to the research, people are increasingly getting used to working from home.

In the early days, children or pets could distract and interrupt meetings, but these difficulties were overcome over time.