The Turkish National Electronic Notification System, or Ulusal Elektronik Tebligat Sistemi Mesaj Merkezi (UETS) in Turkish, became mandatory in January 2019, requiring certain persons and entities to use the system to send and receive electronic messages for official purposes.

The bylaw introducing UETS was published in the Official Gazette on December 6, 2018, under the Electronic Services Regulation. You can read the official regulation in Turkish here.

Although mostly reserved for communication between corporate and legal entities and persons, the Turkish government has also been requiring individuals to create accounts on the UETS for various reasons.

For example, in some regions in Turkey, such as Antalya, Turkish immigration officials have been requesting that foreign nationals have an account with the UETS during their residence permit renewal process.

So, what is this system, and will you need a UETS account as an expat?

10 months ago, we began implementing UETS for our clients. Stay ahead! Mandatory for Turkiye residence permit renewals from April 15, 2024.

Continue reading to learn more.

What is UETS, and What is it used for?

The UETS is a secure electronic messaging service established by the National Post and Telegraph Directorate of Turkey, or the Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı (PTT).

The UETS allows individuals to receive notifications from administrative procedures electronically. All messages or notifications on the UETS are time-stamped and encrypted, ensuring their security.

The service requires that public, professional organizations, civil and administrative jurisdictional authorities, notaries, and lawyers, among many others, conduct their digital communications and notifications via the system.

In 2023, the Turkish Directorate of Migration Management started to request UETS accounts for residence permit applications.

During the residence permit renewal applications, for example, the country stipulated that foreign nationals obtain a UETS account from their local PTT branch and submit it to their Provincial Directorate of Migration Management when submitting all the requested documents.

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How to Create an Account on UETS

The good news is that creating an account on UETS is free, and it is a pretty straightforward process to enroll. You will be done in a matter of 5 minutes.

Here are the steps you need to take:

To create an account on UETS, first visit

There, you will be asked to access your e-devlet account to continue.

If you want to know how to create an e-devlet account and get a password, please read our blog post on E-Devlet: How to Join Turkey’s E-government Service Portal as a Foreigner.

If you do not have an e-devlet account, you can visit your local PTT branch to have the PTT create a UETS account for you. Alternatively, you can visit the PTT and get a password for e-devlet to create a UETS account on your own.

For more information on UETS on the PTT’s official site, please visit:

Here's a comprehensive guide to assist you through the online application process:

  1. Access the Online Application:
    • Visit the designated website and navigate to the "Online Başvuru" (Online Application) section.
  2. Agree to Terms and Conditions:
    • Carefully review and agree to the presented "Terms and Conditions."
  3. Online Registration "Online Kayit":
    • Opt for "Gerçek kişi-İşlem Yetkilisi" (Real Person-Transaction Authorized).
    • Skip the "Gerçek Kişi Alıcı" (Real Person Buyer).
  4. Options for Creating UETS Account:
    • Access "E-Devlet."
    • Enter your "Kimlik" (ID) and password.
    • Confirm the imported NUFUS details.
  5. Complete Additional Information:
    • Click "Devam Et."
    • Fill in "Diğer Bilgiler" (Other Information).
    • Select your occupation; if uncertain, choose "Diğer" (Other).
    • Add telephone and mobile numbers, verifying the mobile code.
    • Skip "Kep Adresi" if not applicable.
    • Add and verify your email address.
  6. Provide Address Details:
    • Choose your Country, City, and District.
    • Enter your address details, including Mahalle, Sokak or Cadde, and Building No/Interior No. (e.g., Grassy Mah. Blueberry Sok. No: 5/6).
  7. Set Up Security:
    • Create a secure password.
    • Confirm the Captcha.
  8. Submit Application:
    • Click "Başvuru."
    • Confirm all entered details.
    • Click "Onaylıyorum" to officially approve the application.
  9. Congratulations - "Tebrikler":
    • Receive a congratulatory message upon approval.
  10. Retrieve 15-Digit Number:
    • Click the blue button to print or save the PDF.
    • Locate the 15-digit number on the PDF, starting with 4.
To learn about activation, click here.

Need to Activate UETS Account - ALICI "Buyer"

    1. You need to go to PTT in person and bring your original residence permit.
    2. Sign agreement to receive legal notice(s) as 'Recipient'

Next: Following these steps ensures a seamless and successful online application experience and activating or downloading your UETS.

Save the barcode PDF immediately, as it is accessible only once. Additionally, download the second sheet containing your Kimlik and UETS numbers, as migration management requires. If any issues arise, follow the alternative method provided below.

How to Obtain the Second Sheet with Your Kimlik Number

To save a trip to PTT, download the second 'activated' sheet showing your UETS and Kimlik numbers, which migration management may require.

  1. Login: Visit the PTT UETS portal and sign in using e-Develet credentials.
  2. Access Information: Select 'Sözleşmeler' and then 'Hesap Bilgileri' to find the 'Bilgileri Yazdır' print button option.
  3. Download or Print: Click 'Bilgileri Yazdır' in the pop-up to print or save your second sheet displaying your UETS and Kimlik numbers, which completes the document requirement.

Document Samples: PTT Bardcoded and UETS with Kimlik Numbers

To assist in identifying the required documents from PTT, here are the descriptions of both the original barcoded document and the second sheet:

  1. PTT Bardcoded Document: This is the official confirmation of your UETS registration, featuring a unique barcode. It serves for verification of UETS enrollment but does not include your kimlik number.
  2. Activated Sheet Displaying UETS and Kimlik Numbers: Essential for specific administrative processes, this document contains your UETS details, Kimlik number, and authorized businesses, linking your identity.
Note: We have sample documents available for review.
If you're having trouble downloading the document with your UETS and Kimlik numbers displayed, please visit the nearest PTT office to activate your profile's 'ALICI' (recipient) status. Once this is set up, you can download it without any issues in the future. After signing your document, please ask PTT for a copy of your HESAP BİLGİLERİ.

How to Log onto the UETS system

From the user portal, after typing in your user name and password, you will be asked to complete a 2-step verification if necessary — either via SMS or authentication via e-signature or mobile signature.

You should be able to log in at

I’m Having trouble with creating a UETS account…

If you have issues creating an account, try logging in at using e-devlet.

If you do not have a UETS account, there will be a notification on the screen stating that there is no profile, prompting you to create a new account via a new link.

Through this step, the system will pull the data from your e-devlet account to create the new UETS profile. Follow the prompts listed to get your UETS number.

How will I know if I Have a Notification on the UETS?

When a message arrives in your UETS mailbox, the system will send a notification to your registered mobile phone number and email address. If you do not open and read the notification at the end of the 5th day after the e-notification is transmitted, it will be deemed legally to have been read and served

It is also handy to know that, as a sender, you can also see whether the receiver has received and “read” the message on the system.

The UETS App

Download the UETS mobile app on your iOS and Android devices, and you'll instantly receive secure messages from the government and companies in Turkey, keeping you informed.

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