Turkey is a beautiful country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, offering a unique blend of cultures and traditions. The country has attracted expats for decades with its stunning landscapes, rich history and friendly people. This blog will discuss why you should consider living in Turkey as an expat.

1. Economic Opportunities

Turkey has a rapidly growing economy and is a hub for international trade and commerce. The country has become an attractive destination for investors due to its strategic location and business-friendly policies.

If you are living abroad, you can explore different job options and even establish your own company. Turkey has a comparatively inexpensive standard of living, so it is a feasible location to reside and operate a business.

2. Culture and History

Turkey is a country with a rich history and cultural heritage. The country has been inhabited by various civilizations over the centuries, including the Greeks, Romans and Ottomans. This has resulted in the creation of a unique blend of cultures, traditions and customs.

As an expat, you will have the opportunity to explore the country's rich history and culture, from the ancient ruins of Ephesus to the stunning mosques of Istanbul.

3. Food and Drink

Exploring the local markets and trying different dishes is a wonderful experience in Turkey. From kebabs and meze to baklava and Turkish delight, the country's cuisine has delicious flavours and unique dishes. Turkey is also famous for its tea and coffee culture, with many traditional tea houses and shops to choose from.

4. Natural Beauty

Turkey is a country with stunning natural beauty, from the beaches of Antalya to the mountains of Cappadocia. The natural beauty of Turkey is waiting to be explored, with a range of activities to suit any adventurer.

Hiking through the Taurus Mountains and sailing along the stunning coast of the Aegean Sea are just two examples of the many ways to experience the country's breathtaking landscapes.

5. Hospitality and Friendliness

Turkish people are known for their hospitality and friendly nature. As an expat, you will be welcomed with open arms and will have the opportunity to make new friends.

The country has a strong sense of community, with plenty of social events and gatherings to attend. Turkish people are also known for their love of music and dance, with plenty of festivals and concerts to enjoy.

6. Infrastructure and Transport

Turkey has a modern infrastructure and transport system, making it easy for expats to get around. The country has a well-developed road network, with buses and trains connecting major cities and towns.

Istanbul has two international airports, making travelling to and from the country easy. The country also has a good healthcare system, with both public and private hospitals available.

Final Thoughts

Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich history, culture and natural beauty. As an expat, you can explore the country's diverse landscapes, try delicious food and make new friends.

The country's growing economy, affordable living and business-friendly policies make it an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs. Overall, Turkey is a great place to live and work as an expat, offering a unique blend of cultures and traditions.

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