If we don't follow traffic rules, we put our own lives and the lives of others in danger. Because of this, a point-based system of penalties is used to make sure that drivers follow traffic rules. So, what are the points, and how does the system for adding points to your license work?

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What are Penalty Points?

Any kind of traffic violation on the highways can get you in trouble in different ways. These penalties can include taking away a driver's license, putting points on a driver's license, fining the driver, or taking away their right to drive.

Most traffic violations have a set number of points on their record. For example, if you talk on your cell phone while driving, you will get 10 penalty points. If you drive without an inspection, you will get 20 penalty points. In this case, it is very important to know and follow the rules. You can protect yourself from breaking the rules by knowing what the traffic signs mean. (link)

So, what happens if your penalty score reaches 100 in a year?

What Happens When You Reach 100 Penalty Points for the First Time?

Points for penalties are added up over a year. In other words, the point you get as a punishment today will be gone after a year. If you get 100 penalty points for the first time in a year, your license will be taken away for two months.

To get your driver's license, you must first take 2 months of theoretical training at any driving school and finish the process successfully. Then, with proof that you've finished the training, you can go to the head of the traffic bureau in your area and ask for your license.

Driving instructor explaining to a student with trafic cone

What Happens after the Second 100 Penalty Points?

When a driver gets 100 penalty points for the second time in a year, his license is taken away for 4 months. At the end of 4 months, you will also have to go through a psychotechnical evaluation report to get your license taken away. If the report says that the person can get his license back, it will be taken away at the end of the fourth month.

If you get 100 penalty points in a year for the third time, your driver's license will be taken away for good. You can't get your driver's license back, but if you go to driving school and do well, you may be able to take it again.

How Are Penalty Points Determined?

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Traffic Fines Drivers License Penalty Points
Running a red light 20
Drunk driving 20
Not wearing a seat belt 15
Driving without inspection 10
Incorrect overtaking 20
Close follow-up 20
Not giving way to pedestrians when turning right or left 20
Absence of plates 20
Exceeding the speed limit by 10% to 30% 10
Exceeding the speed limit by more than 30% 15

You can read our article for additional details on the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Penalty Point Inquiry

If you broke the rules of the road and don't know it, you might not notice that your penalty points are full. So, if you always ask about your traffic ticket and points, you won't run into any surprises.

Now, you can look up your penalty points through the e-Government portal, where many other transactions are done. Also, if you don't know how to find out about and pay a traffic ticket, you can use sigortam.net to find out what you need to know and make a traffic ticket inquiry.

There are also insurances that can reduce your traffic fines as much as possible and pay for any damage that has already been done. One is the car insurance that you often hear about, and the other is the traffic insurance that everyone has to have. So, what is mandatory traffic insurance, and how does it give you peace of mind?

Providing Assurance with Traffic Insurance

Traffic insurance is a type of insurance that pays for the damage you cause to other people in a car accident. By getting the required traffic insurance, you'll be able to protect yourself by paying for the other driver's damages in the event of an accident.

Also, you shouldn't mix up mandatory traffic insurance with car insurance. Comprehensive car insurance pays for your damages after an accident, while mandatory car insurance pays for the other driver's damages. Read our article called "Differences Between Automobile Insurance and Traffic Insurance" to learn more.

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