The Road Traffic Law says that there are rules to follow in traffic to make sure that accidents don't happen and that traffic moves quickly and safely. When these rules aren't followed, bad things can happen, like car accidents. When these traffic rules are broken, different punishments, like traffic fines, are used.

At this point, most people who want to drive ask questions like, "How much is the fine for breaking which rule?" and "Where do I pay my traffic fine?" So, let's talk about the traffic fines for 2023 and where you can pay them.

What Sanctions Are Applied for Violation of Traffic Rules?

When you think of traffic fines, you might think of a fine, but there are actually a lot of different things that can happen if you break the rules.

  • Administrative fine: In this case, the person pays a fine because they didn't follow the rules of the road. If the penalty is paid within 15 days of being told about it, 25% will be taken off the total amount.
  • Penalty points: By law, there are penalties for many traffic offences. For example, you lose 20 points if you go through a red light. Points for penalties are added up over a year. In other words, the penalty points you get today will stay in your points digit for a year and add up during that time. You will be punished if you get 100 penalty points. "What happens when you have 100 points on your record?" By reading our article, you can find out a lot about the subject.
  • Retrieval of documents: When people make traffic mistakes, they may have to pay a fine and have their license taken away temporarily. Depending on the violation, this time can be 30–60 days, 3–6 months, or 2 years.
  • Cancellation of documents: The driver's license of someone who breaks a traffic law could be taken away as a punishment. In this situation, the person must be able to get a license again. Our article "Documents Required for Driver's License" (link) has all the information you need about how to get a driver's license and what you need to do to get one.
  • Vehicle prohibition from traffic: When a car breaks the rules of the road, it may be taken off the road. In this case, the person must meet the requirements to get the car at the time they want. If a person doesn't get their car inspected or hasn't bought Compulsory Traffic Insurance, their car can't be driven on the road. If you want to know what other reasons the car can't be driven on the road, you can ask "What is a penalty for a traffic ban? Why do you think that?" (link) You can check out our article,
  • Prohibition of the person from driving: People are sometimes banned from driving because they broke the rules of the road.

How Much Are the 2023 Traffic Fines?

The amount of administrative fines were raised by 111.2% in 2023. We listed below the fines for the most common traffic violations in our country.

What is the Penalty for Not Wearing a Seat Belt?

Even though not wearing a seat belt is one of the most important rules for safety on the road, this is one of the rules (link) that gets broken the most. But if you don't wear a seat belt, (link) you could kill someone, and the fine is 436 TL.

What is the Penalty for Using a Mobile Phone While Driving?

One rule that many drivers don't follow is not talking on the phone while driving. But talking on a cell phone while driving can cause an accident by taking your mind off the road. The amount that needs to be paid for this violation was changed to 951 TL.

What is the penalty for not giving way to a pedestrian?

One rule that is often broken in our country is not giving way to people who are crossing the street on foot. The fine for not letting the person on foot go first is 1,917 TL.

How Much is the Penalty for Listening to Loud Music in the Car?

While many of us enjoy listening to music, loud noises are a different story. It's important not to bother other people or make too much noise. If you listen to loud music in your car, you will have to pay 436 TL.

What is the Penalty for Drunk Driving?

Driving under the influence of alcohol can kill or hurt people very badly. Also, there is more than just a fine for driving under the influence of alcohol. Let's explain briefly:

  • Penalty for driving drunk for the first time: The person who breaks the law by driving drunk for the first time is fined 4,064 TL and their car is taken off the road. His license to drive will be taken away for 6 months.
  • If you drive under the influence of alcohol a second time, you will get: If a driver goes over the limit for alcohol a second time, the law says he has to pay a fine of 5,096 TL. His license is taken away for 2 years, and he can't drive his car. In our article "What is the Alcohol Limit and Alcohol Driving Penalty in Traffic?," (link) you can find out what happens if you drive more than twice the limit while drunk and how to get your license taken away.

Speed Limit Overage, How Much is the Radar Fine?

The speed limit to follow on highways is different for each vehicle. Also, the fines get bigger the more the speed limit is broken. The ticket for speeding is also known as a radar ticket. So, if you want to know how much the radar fine is, the answer is how much the speeding ticket costs.

Now, let's explain, item by item, how much money needs to be paid for the 2023 radar ticket based on the speed limits.

In 2023, here are the penalties for going over the speed limit:

  • If you go 10–30% over the speed limit, you will have to pay 951 TL.
  • Penalty for going 30–50% over the speed limit: 1.979 TL
  • TL 4,064 is the fine for going over the speed limit by more than 50%.

How Much is the Red Light Penalty 2023?

People think of the red light penalty as a simple type of penalty, but it is actually one of the most common things that can happen in both cities and rural areas. Unfortunately, you can get a ticket for running a red light even if you did it by accident. In 2023, the fine for running a red light is 951 TL.

If you run a red light, you have to pay more than just money. You could also get a penalty point if you go through a red light more than once. If a driver goes through a red light, they will get 20 points. This means that if you run a red light, you will get more points. In this case, it's best to be very careful to avoid accidents, fines for running red lights, and other punishments.

Most of the time, people also wonder how to know when to stop at a red light or when the fine for running a red light will come. This is because if you go through a red light without realizing it, it makes it hard for you to pay your fine early. When the EDS system finds something, it sends a notice to the person's home address along with photographic proof. Between 1 and 10 days, the driver will be told what the penalty is. If it doesn't get to the right people, e-government can be used to ask about it. If a driver is suspected of running a red light, they can check for themselves, even if the fine does not come.

How Much is the Penalty for Driving Without Inspection?

Driving without an inspection keeps you from knowing about a problem ahead of time and finding a way to fix it. Driving a car with problems can be dangerous for the person driving it and for other people on the road.

If the vehicle doesn't pass the inspection, the driver is fined 951 TL and the vehicle is taken off the road.

You can read our article to learn more about the penalty for not having an exhaust inspection. (link)

What is the Penalty for Pausing and Parking the Vehicle in Places Where Parking and Stopping Are Forbidden?

It is against the law to park near disabled parking spots, pedestrian crossings, places where signs say not to park, and the entrances and exits of schools, hospitals, and fire departments. Also against the rules of the road is stopping in a way that blocks passageways and makes it hard for people to get in and out of places like factories. If you park your car in the wrong place or stop in the wrong place, you will have to pay 873 TL.

How Much is the Penalty for Driving Without a License 2023?

Driving without a license is very dangerous for both the person driving and everyone else on the road. If the person who drives without a license and the person who owns the car are not the same, both are fined. In 2023, it will cost you 8,190 TL to drive without a license.

If you get caught driving without a license more than once, the fine goes up and, depending on the law, so can spend your time in jail. If the driver and the owner are different, the person caught driving without a license must pay a big fine. If you don't have a driver's license, you should not go out on the road. If you do, you could face fines and other penalties.

What is the Penalty for Driving Outside the License Class?

You must drive only the kinds of cars that your driving license class or classes let you drive. In other words, if you only have a B-class license, you can't drive an F-class car. If you drive outside of your license class, you will have to pay 4,064 TL.

What is the Penalty for Not Having Traffic Insurance?

Traffic insurance is a type of car insurance that covers risks that could happen while driving and is required by law. If someone doesn't have Compulsory Traffic Insurance, they have to pay a fine of 436 TL and their car is taken off the road. "What happens if I don't have traffic insurance?" (link) You can learn more about this issue by reading our article.

2023 Traffic Fines List

The biggest fines for breaking traffic rules in 2023 have also been set. So, starting in 2023, the fines for things like running a red light, not wearing a seat belt, driving while drunk, going over the speed limit, and drifting will change. So, how much will the fines be in 2023? We have made a list of the traffic fines for 2023 and the Cost Rate for you.

  • Penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol (first arrest): 4.064 TL
  • Penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol (second arrest): 5.096 TL
  • Penalty for appealing an alcohol test: 8.551 TL
  • Using the vehicle without license plate: 5.154 TL
  • Penalty for not leaving or using a siren: 4.064 TL
  • Drifting penalty: 20.342 TL
  • Penalty for parking in the place reserved for the disabled: 873 TL
  • Penalty for driving without a license: 8.190 TL
  • Penalty for not wearing a seat belt: 436 TL
  • Penalty for violating the safety lane: TL 4,064
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 10-30%: 951 TL
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 30%-50%: £1,979
  • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 50%: £4,064
  • Penalty for running a red light: 951 TL
  • Driving in a vehicle without inspection: 951 TL
  • Changes that impede the legibility of the plate: TL 1,671
  • Using a mobile phone while driving: 951 TL
  • Penalty for using fake license plates: 20.302 TL
  • Failure to comply with lane following-changing rules: 642 TL
  • Penalty for not complying with the following distance: 436 TL (You can learn more about this by reading our article about the following distance. (link)
  • Penalty for driving without traffic insurance: 436 TL
  • Penalty for driving under the influence of drugs: 20.977 TL
  • Penalty for overtaking in a prohibited place: 951 TL
  • Penalty for not giving priority to pedestrians: 888 TL
  • Penalty for unauthorized use of sirens: 4.064 TL
  • Penalty for using license plates contrary to the regulation: 1.671 TL

There are punishments that don't involve fines, like the vehicle km reduction penalty, (link) which is not on our list.

What is Traffic Fine Early Payment Discount?

You can get a 25% discount if you pay your traffic ticket in full within 15 days of when it was given to you. The amount of the reduced penalty also changes each year along with the penalty amounts. Because of this, you can use current prices to figure out how much the fine is. Let's use an example to show how to figure out how much a traffic fine will go down:

In 2023, talking on a cell phone while driving will cost you 951 TL.

  • 25% of 951 = $237.75
  • $951 - $237.75 = $713.25

In this case, the amount of the reduced fine is 713,25 TL.

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Where are Traffic Fines Paid?

You can pay a traffic ticket at contracted bank branches, through mobile banking apps, online banking, e-Government, or the Interactive Tax Office.

How is the Traffic Fine Inquiry Done?

Even though you have to be told about traffic tickets by law, there may be problems and you may not know that you have been fined. Since you don't know how much your traffic fine will be, you can add interest to it and your fine could go up by 50% over time. To avoid these problems, you should often check to see if you have gotten a traffic ticket. You can read our content to learn more about how to find out about traffic tickets and how to pay them using a vehicle's license plate. (link)

By using the Criminal Inquiry service written on the Vehicle License Plate of the General Directorate of Security (EGM) via e-Government, you can easily find out about a traffic fine.

You can find out more about what's written on your license plate and how much you owe by going to our page about car debt. (link)

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