This section of the article focuses on the V series of restriction codes in Turkey's immigration system. These codes are primarily related to visas, residence permits, and related circumstances.

Breakdown of V Restriction Codes

  1. V-68: Residence permit subject to ministerial permission. This code is used for foreigners who require approval from the ministry for their residence permits.
  2. V-69: Residence permit revoked. Applied to individuals whose residence permit in Turkey has been canceled due to non-compliance with residency rules.
  3. V-70: Fake marriage. This code is placed on foreigners who are found to have engaged in a sham marriage to obtain residency.
  4. V-71: Foreigners who do not report a change of address or provide false address information.
  5. V-74: Foreigners whose exit from Turkey must be notified to the ministries or governorates.
  6. V-77: Applied to applicants who falsely claim to be Ahıska Turks in their residency applications.
  7. V-84: Imposed on those who enter Turkey with the condition of obtaining a residence permit within 10 days but fail to do so.
  8. V-87: Temporary protection holder who voluntarily returns to their country of origin.
  9. V-88: Foreigners whose work permit in Turkey has been invalidated.
  10. V-89: Foreigners who are re-admitted to Turkey under specific conditions.
  11. V-91: Foreigners under temporary protection whose exit from the country is subject to official permission.
  12. V-92: Foreigners under temporary protection with duplicate registration issues.
  13. V-137: Invited to leave Turkey; typically given a specific timeframe to voluntarily exit the country.
  14. V-144: Issued to foreigners released under specific conditions, like 57-A.
  15. V-145: Voluntary return; foreigners who choose to return to their home country voluntarily.
  16. V-146: Turkish passport annotated; used in cases where legal actions are initiated against Turkish citizens.
  17. V-147: Spouse of a Turkish citizen with an annotated passport.
  18. V-148: Individuals taking refuge in temporary accommodation centers in Turkey.
  19. V-153: EIC injunction for country 3; specific legal conditions apply.
  20. V-154: Application to the administrative court against a deportation order.
  21. V-155: European Court of Human Rights injunction; applied in cases involving the ECHR.
  22. V-156: Attorney’s fee; relates to legal expenses in immigration cases.
  23. V-157: Residence permit applications rejected; for foreigners whose applications for residency are denied.
  24. V-158: Foreign representative personnel or family member ID card cancellation.
  25. V-159: Applied to individuals who enter Turkey for transit to a third country.

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