In this final section, we will explore the O series of restriction codes within Turkey's immigration system. These codes are specifically related to asylum, international protection, and related situations.

Breakdown of O Restriction Codes

  1. O-100: Asylum Seeker with Unknown District. This code is assigned to asylum seekers who are not allowed to enter a specific area or whose residential district is not identified. It's often applied when asylum seekers are deported from Turkey and are banned from entering the country due to issues in their asylum application.
  2. O-176: 3 years for foreigners whose request for international protection is evaluated negatively. This code is placed on individuals whose applications for international protection have been denied, imposing a 3-year restriction.
  3. O-177: 5 years for foreigners whose request for international protection is evaluated negatively. Similar to O-176, but with a longer duration of 5 years. This code is applied to those whose international protection requests have been evaluated and found to be unsuitable.

These O codes are particularly significant as they deal with the sensitive and critical area of international protection and asylum. The imposition of these codes reflects the outcomes of individual assessments conducted by Turkish immigration authorities on asylum seekers and those requesting international protection. Each case is unique and is evaluated based on its specific circumstances and the evidence presented.

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The O restriction codes represent Turkey's approach to handling cases related to asylum and international protection. For individuals affected by these codes, understanding the legal implications and seeking appropriate legal advice is essential. These codes reflect the complexities involved in immigration and international protection laws, emphasizing the importance of compliance and the need for informed legal guidance in these matters.

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