This part of the article delves into the N series of restriction codes in Turkey's immigration system. These codes are primarily administrative in nature and pertain to various violations and fines.

Breakdown of N Restriction Codes

  1. N-82: Employment code. This code is related to employment issues, typically involving foreigners working in Turkey.
  2. N-95: Fine for violation of the entry ban. Imposed on individuals who enter Turkey despite an existing entry ban.
  3. N-96: Administrative fine for not leaving Turkey within the recognized period. Applied to foreigners who overstay their legal time in Turkey.
  4. N-97: Administrative fine for a declaration of address. This code is used when foreigners fail to report or incorrectly report their address in Turkey.
  5. N-99: Interpol code. Applied to individuals who are wanted or flagged by Interpol.
  6. N-119: Administrative fine for unauthorized work. Imposed on foreigners working in Turkey without proper authorization.
  7. N-120: Administrative fine for violation of visa, residence, or work permit. This code is used for various permit and visa-related violations.
  8. N-135: Administrative fine for illegal entry or attempt. Imposed on individuals who attempt or succeed in entering Turkey illegally.
  9. N-136: Cost of extra-deportation travel. This code covers the expenses incurred for deporting a foreigner from Turkey.
  10. N-168: Administrative fine for violation of Article 102, paragraph three. Specific legal violations under Turkish immigration law.
  11. N-169: Administrative fine for non-compliance with administrative obligations determined by the Ministry. This code is related to various administrative breaches.
  12. N-170: Administrative fine resulting from misdemeanor law or other applicable laws. Imposed for minor legal violations.
  13. N-171: Administrative fine resulting from failure to fulfill specified obligations. This code is used for foreigners who fail to meet certain legal or administrative requirements in Turkey.
  14. N-172: Travel expense related to voluntary return. Covers the costs associated with a foreigner's voluntary return to their home country.

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The N codes represent a range of administrative and legal issues that foreigners might encounter in Turkey, particularly relating to employment, legal compliance, and fines. Understanding these codes is crucial for foreigners to navigate the legal landscape, avoid potential issues, and address any concerns related to their stay or activities in Turkey.

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