What is Turquoise Card, What are the Differences Between Turquoise Card and Turkish Citizenship?

Many of the countries in the world are putting out different projects to correctly manage their refugee policy. Green Card used by the United States of America or Blue Card used by the members of European Union Countries are good examples of this. A project was set in motion recently by the Republic of Turkey, similar to these cards used by different countries for different purposes. The government that has put the Turquoise Card system in motion, aims to draw qualified investors and workforce to the country with the card.

What is Turquoise Card?

Turquoise Card provides advantages in many ways to non-Turkish citizens that have purchased a property or invested in Turkey. While Turquoise Card offers the foreigner indefinite work permit and advantages like a privileged pass to Turkish Citizenship right, it also provides residence permits to the foreigners’ spouse and people they are in charge of.

Similar to other cards used by other countries, Turquoise Card also has a transition process. During the 3 year process, users are expected to submit their reports regularly. The scoring system including subjects like professional knowledge, language and education are also applied during the Turquoise Card acquisition process. Those applying to the card, are supposed to maintain or raise their scores on these subjects. It is of great importance for those wanting to acquire the Turquoise Card, to decide whether they are going to live in the country or not and purchasing a property in Turkey accordingly to their decision. Turquoise Cards of foreigners’ who don't take place in professional life or don't start working within a year are cancelled.

Foreigners who have been working in Turkey for at least 2 years can also benefit from Turquoise Card. These people, aside from being able to work wherever they wish to work in without having to deal with any procedures but also can set up a business of their own. Leading the life of a Turkish citizen only without the obligatory military service and the right to vote, can also apply for actual citizenship after 5 years.

Who can Benefit from the Turquoise Card?

Turkish Government holds the door of Turquoise Card open for anyone who might contribute to Turkey’s promotion and its added value. Especially scientists, athletes who have succeeded in a global range and people who can contribute to spreading Turkish culture to the world have the priority in the process of Turquoise Card acquisition. Including:

  1. Those evaluated as qualified workforce according to the contributions they make on the subjects of education, professional knowledge and experience, science and technology.
  2. Those evaluated as a high-quality investment on the size of the employment they are going to provide in Turkey, potential investment and exportation rate.
  3. Scientists or researchers that have worked strategically following Turkey’s national and international interests and can contribute to the country in the fields of science and technology.
  4. Writers and academics that are active in the fields of cultures and arts, people that have gained recognition in the field of sports.
  5. People who can operate according to Turkey’s interest to contribute to Turkey’s recognition internationally in subjects such as Turkish cuisine, Turkish culture and Turkish tourism.

Necessary Documents for Turquoise Card

  1. Similar to other card systems, to apply to Turquoise Card you are expected to complete some procedures. The following are the documents the Turkish Government requires to pass the card on to the right people and to avoid any issues during the card acquisition process.
  2. To prove that you have qualified work power; a diploma, a business contract, a resume, an assignment statement, work experience, documents that are accepted on a global level proving the knowledge of a language other than your native tongue.
  3. For a qualified investor; the size of their investment, the rate of employment it is going to cause, the number of exportation costs, financial sufficiency, documents as a proof for the said area or the said sector.
  4. For scientists or researchers, degrees from graduated schools, documents proving academic career and titles; documents of carried out academic works or license, a commercial brand or patent documents.
  5. For internationally acclaimed foreigners in the areas of culture, arts or sports; documents to submit proving their success.
  6. For foreigners that apply to Turquoise Card to enhance Turkey’s and Turkish culture recognition or promotion; the documents about works they carried out, ideas and artworks on an international level as a Turquoise volunteer including information such as duration, sustainability and the sphere of influence.

How is Turquoise Card Different from Citizenship?

People who have earned the right to acquire the Turquoise Card, get the chance to work in Turkey indefinitely. However, they can not benefit from right Turkish citizens have such as the right to elect and be elected or to join the civil services. Military service, which is a must to do for a Turkish citizen, is also not necessary for the Turquoise Card holders. On topics such as residence, travel working and investing in Turkey they must accord with the same regulations Turkish citizens face. A Turquoise Cardholder can become a Turkish citizen after the completion of the 3 years without a problem and as long as they possess no threat to the aspects of national security and public order.

Is there a Risk of Nullification for the Turquoise Card?

Aside from the situations where the cardholder himself requests nullification, Turquoise Card can be cancelled by the Republic of Turkey if the cardholder is abroad for 6 months straight after the validation date of his Turquoise Card or be abroad for 2 years straight without a valid reason. Other than that:

  1. Not prolonging the validity period of the card holder’s passport or the document used instead of the passportProving the cardholder has been unemployed for at least 1 year straight
  2. Detection the cardholder has been working against the identified laws or off the record.Detection of the card application has been made with fake or false pieces of information and documents.
  3. Non-Acquisition of the required documents for the 3 years of the Turquoise Card in time or finding out that the cardholder has lost the Turquoise Card holder qualifications according to the follow-up report
  4. Notification from the Ministry of Internal Affairs informing that the cardholder is one of the foreigners that is not allowed in Turkey, can not be granted a visa or should be deported according to the law no 6458.
  5. Notifications made by the public facilities and establishments about the card holder’s working in Turkey is undesirable on the matters of public order, public safety or public health may result in the nullification of the Turquoise Card.

Why Should you Apply to Turquoise Card?

Turkey awaits investors, athletes, scientists and artists with its 80 million population and its perfect location in between Asia and Europe with 3 seas surrounding it. Turkey visited by almost 30 million tourists annually continues creating different profitable investment areas with its dynamic structure. Turkey welcomes Turquoise Cardholders for a better future, with her 81 provinces including cities such as Istanbul; housing world’s largest companies, İzmir; of great importance with its tourism and ports, Ankara; home to the best universities in the world. In Turkey where the taxes are lower than that of other European countries, your company can also benefit from the encouragement by the government. By purchasing a property you can also invest in one of Turkey’s most profitable sectors, Real Estate.

The dense migration Turkey has received during the recent years is the leading reason that has led Turkey to a project like the Turquoise Card project. This system that was created to tip the scales for the countries receiving a dense migration, that has become common throughout the world, invites those who can not find sufficient investment areas as a result of their country’s conditions, those who do not get enough support to develop in the fields of science, arts and sports, those who wish to use their investment instruments in the right way, to Turkey.