It's an indisputable fact that Turks love to shop; it would not be wrong to say that it is their favorite pastime with their family and friends and their number 1 activity when they have some free time.

Although most Turks would prefer to shop in person (as evident by the number and scale of shopping malls across the country), online shopping has grown drastically over the last few years, especially since the pandemic.

Unlike Europe, where most shops close after 6 and most stores remain closed on Sundays or the weekend in general, true to Mediterranean culture, most shops in Turkey stay open until about 10 p.m. For the most part, they also remain open during public holidays, except for maybe the first day.

Keep on reading if you want to know the best stores to shop in Turkey for all your needs and wants.

  • Department stores

Turkey has a variety of well-established department stores. Vakko is Turkey's first luxury brand, and Beymen is Turkey's most famous luxury goods department store. Both of these department stores are best reserved for high-end shoppers.

Mudo and Boyner, in comparison, cater to a more mid-level consumer, although the latter does sell premium brands as well. Mudo is best known for its nautical-themed goods, and Boyner carries everything from beauty, clothing, shoes to toys, home accessories, and more.

If you are a Brit seeking a bit of home, you will also be happy to see Harvey Nichols, the upscale British department store, in Istanbul.

  • Clothes and accessories

Suppose you do not want to shop at a department store. In that case, you can visit well-known international store brands such as Zara, Bershka, Mango, and H&M.

Although most of these are only accessible in Istanbul or tourist towns like Antalya or Bodrum, you can always buy from them online and have them delivered to your doorstep wherever you are in Turkey.

You can also find many boutiques, independent brands, and shops in the city/town center of where you live, so keep your eyes peeled for unique finds.

However, if you would like to shop like a Turk, make sure to check out Turkey's biggest online shopping platforms. Trendyol and Morhipo are the biggest ones when it comes to clothing and accessories.

  • Sports and leisure

For all the sports equipment you could ever need and more niche accessories for your sporty hobbies, you cannot go wrong with Decathlon. From yoga and ballet to mountain biking, fishing and camping, Decathlon stores have everything under the sun.

Intersport or Sportive are also good places for sports gear.

For sports clothes and in particular shoes, Barçınspor or Korayspor are good places to browse and compare. Nike and Adidas also have standalone stores in several cities in Turkey and can offer discounted products in the factory stores.

If all else fails, have a look at Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, N11, and Trendyol.

  • Grocery stores

Turkey has a range of domestic grocery markets and supermarket chains. The most popular are Şok, A101, and Bim, all known for their affordable pricing.

Carrefour and Migros cater to the slightly more international, mid-range shopper but are also the most frequented cities.

If you want to find pork or other imported products, your safest bet will be Macro Center, which is more upscale than other supermarket chains and grocery stores. The prices will reflect that, so keep that in mind.

If you want to shop homegrown and locally, you should check out your neighborhood bazaar. Some also sell clothes and shoes on certain days of the week.

In a pinch, your local bakkal could be your go-to for bread, cigarettes, or other miscellaneous bits you may need.

Nowadays, fast and convenient options such as Trendyol or Hepsiburada market make online orders for groceries.

  • DIY, home, and garden

If you feel creative and want to start building something for your house or garden, stores like Bauhaus, Koçtaş, and Tekzen will have everything you need. From shovels and plants to lamps, paint, and doors, these three stores have various products at different price points for all things DIY.

For furniture, there is IKEA, nowadays the most preferred store in Turkey for home and décor.

Bellona, Mudo Concept, Kelebek Mobilya, Adore, and Kilim Mobilya are domestic options for your furniture and home accessories needs. Tepe Home and Enza Home or the home sections of luxury brands such as Yargıcı also stand as more upscale choices to shop from.

  • Books, magazines, and stationery

D&R is, without a doubt, Turkey's most giant book, magazine, and stationery store. It also sells various toys for children, including plushy toys and puzzles and nostalgic record players, which have made a comeback in recent years. If you want to read English books while in Turkey, D&R is one of the few places you will find them.

If you are searching online, make sure to also check out BKMkitap or İdefix for books and magazines. If you prefer shopping second-hand, you can visit a "sahaf" or second-hand bookstores.

The best places to shop for stationery would be your local neighborhood "kırtasiye" or supermarkets.

  • Electrical and technology

Teknosa is Turkey's largest domestic technological goods store, whereas Mediamarkt is Europe's no. 1 electronics retailer and growing in popularity in Turkey. Both are great places to start your price and model search.

Vatan and Bimeks also sell computer hardware and software, cameras, projectors, home theater systems, and other consumer electronics.

Trendyol and Hepsiburada also sell electronics but exercise caution before you buy. Make sure to check the seller's ratings and read customer comments.

If you want to shop online, get your free Amazon Turkey account which offers unparalleled customer service.

  • Health and beauty

Look no further than Watsons or Gratis if you wanted to know what Turkey's Ulta or Boots were. From SPF and facial cleansers to makeup palettes and toothpaste, you can find hundreds of health and beauty products at these stores.

Eveshop and Rossman have also joined the Turkish health and beauty scene in the last few years, and the latter has quickly become a favorite with budget-friendly German brands.

Department stores such as Boyner also have beauty counters inside for luxury or premium skincare and makeup brands.

If French pharmacy brands such as La Roche Posay or Avene you seek, the best place to buy them is chemists. An online alternative is Dermoeczanem, an online pharmacy.

  • Children's clothes and toys

If you need baby clothes or toys for infants, E-Bebek has stores across Turkey and has a website for online orders.

For kid's clothes, you can check out Panço, LC Waikiki Kids, or Soobe for local options, or Benetton, Zara kids, or H&M for well-loved international brands.

For toys, Toyzz Shop, Armağan Oyuncak, or will meet all your needs. Lego Store Turkey also accepts online orders.