Since the implementation of the national address registration system (Adres Kayıt Sistemi-AKS) by the Turkish government in 2006, all foreign nationals visiting or residing in Turkey have been required to submit proof of their residence on the system.

Even if you own real estate in Turkey or are renting a place, your title deed (TAPU) and/or rental contract can serve as sufficient proof of your residence address, which is the most important requirement for getting a residence permit in the country.

Those who intend to stay in more unconventional accommodations, such as a hotel, during their residence period must submit a letter of intent, which is a different document from the one mentioned above.

By continuing to read this article, you will learn more about letters of intent and how to write one if you want to use a hotel as your registered address in Turkey.

There is currently nothing in the law that prevents this from happening. In addition, immigration law stipulates that in order to obtain a residence permit, you must provide proof of accommodation as well as register your address with the authorities.

You can use a hotel room as your place of residence in Turkey if you can demonstrate that you will be staying there during the time period for which your residence permit is valid and that you have the necessary documentation to support your claim.

Using a Letter of Intent as Address Proof

While staying in a hotel, you will not be able to provide a rental contract or title deed as proof of address; however, Turkish authorities will accept a letter of intent, as well as your booking confirmation and receipts, as evidence.

While a letter of intent will not only prove that you will be staying in private accommodation during your intended residence in Turkey, it can also serve to demonstrate to authorities that you will have sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of your visit.

This type of letter can also be useful when applying for a visa appointment.

(Please see this page for more information on how to register your address).

What Information Should a Letter of Intent Contain?

Your full name and passport number, as well as the dates of your intended stay (ideally with clear start and end dates), must be included in the intent letter. If you're planning on staying for an entire year, it's a good idea to include the entire year in your list.

The letter of intent must be accompanied by the hotel's tax plate (vergi levhası) as well as the receipt for the first month's payment.

The letter should be signed by the owner or manager of the hotel, and then stamped to indicate that it has been authorized. In Turkish, this is referred to as "ıslak imza" and "kaşe". In some instances, the migration officer may request the manager's signature as well as additional supporting documents (such as identification, etc.), but the information provided above should be considered the bare minimum.

In addition, the letter should be printed on paper or with the official letterhead of the hotel.

Document Checklist

  1. Letter (signed and stamped on company letterhead)
  2. Tax registration certificate (vergi levhasi)
  3. Signature circular (imza sirkuleri)
  4. Payment receipt (initial payment, official invoice)

An example of a letter of intent (signed by hotel management) to use a hotel as your address in Turkey:


If your room has a separate postbox or room number, request that the hotel include it in this letter of intent.

In order to register your hotel as your official address, you can download our “letter of intent” template here.