All vehicles in Turkey must have a minimum of third-party liability insurance, and drivers must carry proof at all times.

Especially if you have a foreign license plate and driving abroad, you should expect your level of insurance coverage to drop to a third party, which means that the policy will only cover the other parties involved and not damage your car.

That is why it is essential to always check with your insurer before you travel, whether this is to Turkey or another country, to make sure you do not have nasty surprises later on.

Keep on reading to find out more about car insurance in Turkey.

Types of Car Insurance in Turkey

All vehicles in Turkey have to take out compulsory traffic insurance (zorunlu trafik sigortası) covers the cost of damage to the other car in the case of an accident.

However, you can also take out an additional type of vehicle insurance that is more comprehensive and called "kasko" to cover theft, vandalism, and fire. Kasko comes in 3 varying levels of protection, which are limited (dar), extended (genişletilmiş), and full (tam) insurance.

This type of insurance covers the car owner, but any additional drivers must be named on the policy to be covered as well.

The premium you will pay for kasko will depend on the vehicle's age, engine capacity (horsepower), make and model, the type and extent of the insurance, and your age. You will also find differences in pricing between insurance providers, and the area you live in will also be a determining factor.

Additional Forms of Car Insurance in Turkey

You can take out contents insurance if you have valuables in your car and won't keep them safe in a secure location.

There are also two other types of vehicle insurance in Turkey.

Roadside Assistance Insurance (Trafik Yol YardıM Sigortası)

If your vehicle breaks down, your windshield or windows break (if your primary insurance does not already cover this), and the related legal expenses, this insurance will offer you the cover you need. You will often have to apply for supplementary coverage and pay extra to get this, though it may depend on your provider.

If you are found to be on or using drugs or have engaged in racing on public roads, repeatedly have the same type of accident or breakdown, or get involved in physical fights or altercations with third parties. You will not be able to get road assistance.

Natural disasters, terrorism, civil war, riots, or strikes are also not included.

Additional Driver and Passenger Insurance (Ekstra SürüCü Teminatı)

If you do not have full vehicle insurance, you may want to take out extra insurance to cover loss or damage to the driver and passengers, including possible loss of earnings.

Car Insurance Bonuses and Penalties in Turkey

If you do not have mandatory traffic insurance, you cannot drive on Turkey's roads. If you are caught, you may be banned from traffic for a long time and may have penal action launched against you.

The penalty for not having car insurance in 2021 is a fine of 144 TL, but if you decide to pay in cash within the 15-day limit, the fee drops to TL 108.

After an officer writes you a ticket, you will tow your car to a car parking lot, and you won't be permitted to drive it until you have valid insurance.

Suppose you have an accident without any insurance whatsoever. In that case, you may have to fight claims of over TL 1 million, significantly if the other party is seriously injured, left disabled, or killed.

There is also the concept of "hasarsızlık indirimi" (no-claims bonus) in Turkey. Usually allows for discounts of 5% for your insurance premiums each year you do not make a claim. This discount can go up to as much as 60%.

How To Choose Car Insurance in Turkey

Depending on the scope of your travels and how often you will use your vehicle, most people would recommend you get kasko and possibly add clauses for a trip abroad.

Many insurance providers offer flexible policies. Anadolu Sigorta, Ankara Sigorta, ERGO Sigorta, Eureko Sigorta, GİG Sigorta and Groupama Sigorta are some of the most popular choices for mandatory traffic insurance.

Banks such as Garanti Bank are also good places to compare and can come with perks or bonuses.

If you are interested in what our insurance package offers and our rates, contact us at Ikamet Sigorta to see if we can be of any help.

Applying for Turkish Car Insurance

When applying for car insurance in Turkey, you will usually be given a standard form to fill out. After sending it off, you should hear back from the company within 15 days. If you do not like their offer, you do not have to accept it and continue looking around.

Their rates and terms are valid for 14 days if you decide to ask for a few days to mull over. Most insurance companies now offer translated versions of their contracts or have websites in English that make this process a lot easier.

The documents you will need to take out car insurance:

  • Your vehicle registration document
  • Proof of identity (ID card or passport)
  • Proof of periodic motor vehicle inspection (in essence, your MOT, called "Vize" in Turkish)

How To Make an Insurance Claim for Your Car

If you are involved in an accident, you must file your claim with your insurance company within five days at the latest.

You will be asked to provide the following documents with your claim (for material damage):

  • Copy of your insurance policy (poliçe)
  • Accident report (trafik kazası tespit tutanağı)
  • Drivers' statements or eyewitness records
  • Copy of the vehicle registration documents and your driving license
  • Photographic evidence of the damage caused
  • Result of the breathalyzer test (alkol raporu) – when deemed necessary

Canceling a Contract or Changing Your Car Insurance Provider

Most insurance contracts are automatically renewed annually at their expiry date unless you have signed up for 3- or 6-month periods, which are usually more expensive.

Although you cannot cancel your contract without paying the penalty, there are certain cases when cancellation is allowed. If the vehicle has been sold, becomes unusable/unfit for traffic, the insured has died, etc.

You will have to give the provider at least three months' written notice if you want to cancel your contract after it expires.

If you want to cancel it before, you will often have to pay the premiums for the remaining months.

Making a Complaint About a Car Insurance Company in Turkey

Suppose the insurance company has not compensated you fairly for your losses or is dissatisfied with their communication or services. In that case, you can complain to the Commission of Insurance Arbitration (Sigorta Denetleme Kurulu) and Turkish courts.

Traffic Insurance

Compulsory Liability Insurance for Road Motor Vehicles (Traffic Insurance)

It is a compulsory insurance that covers the legal liability of the operator in accordance with the Road Traffic Law No. 2918 in case of death, injury and material damage to third parties during the operation of the motor vehicle.

Minimum Insurance Guarantees to be Applied as of 01/07/2022 for Motor Vehicle Operators

A-Material4B-Health ExpenseC-Injury and Death
Vehicle Group CodeVehicle GroupPer VehiclePer AccidentPer PersonPer AccidentPer PersonPer Accident
1Car (9 seats including driver)100.000200.0001.000.0005.000.0001.000.0005.000.000
3Minibus (10-17 seats including the driver)100.000200.0001.000.00010.000.0001.000.00010.000.000
4Bus (18-30 seats including driver)100.000200.0001.000.00013.000.0001.000.00013.000.000
5Bus (seats 31 and above including driver)*100.000200.0001.000.00026.000.0001.000.00026.000.000
8Construction Machine100.000200.0001.000.00010.000.0001.000.00010.000.000
10Trailer 1100.000200.0001.000.00010.000.0001.000.00010.000.000
11Motorcycle and Cargo Motorcycle100.000200.0001.000.0003.000.0001.000.0003.000.000
13Good looking100.000200.0001.000.00010.000.0001.000.00010.000.000
14Special Purpose Vehicles2100.000200.0001.000.0005.000.0001.000.0005.000.000
15Agricultural Machinery3100.000200.0001.000.0005.000.0001.000.0005.000.000

* Insurance coverages are increased by taking into account the carrying capacity of the vehicle (seat + number of standing passengers) within the principles to be determined by the Undersecretariat, provided that it is written in the vehicle licenses.

  1. They are trailers used in transporting people. Trailers that are not used in the transport of people are included in the insurance of the motor vehicle that attracts them.
  2. Manufactured for the carriage of people or goods for special purposes; A motor vehicle used for special tasks such as fire brigade, lifeguard (SA), OB broadcasting and recording (radio, cinema, television), library, motor caravan (SA), armoured vehicle (SB), research, funeral vehicles (SD) and towing, transporting or lifting broken or damaged vehicles and vehicles.
  3. Other motor agricultural vehicles except tractors are included in this scope.
  4. The amount of coverage for other tangible assets other than the vehicle is equal to the amount of financial coverage per accident.

Driving to Turkey: What You Need to Know

Trafik sigorta is a compulsory traffic insurance that is required for all vehicles in Turkey. It covers third-party liability, meaning that it will pay for the medical expenses and property damage of other people if you are involved in a traffic accident.

You can obtain trafik sigorta today by choosing one of the four packages below:

  • 30-day package: This package is perfect for short-term visitors to Turkey. It covers you for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • 90-day package: This package is a good option for people who are staying in Turkey for a longer period of time. It covers you for 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • 180-day package: This package is ideal for people who are living in Turkey temporarily. It covers you for 180 days from the date of purchase.
  • 365-day package: This package is the most comprehensive option. It covers you for 365 days from the date of purchase.

All packages are renewable.

The coverages are the same for all four packages. Don't wait until it's too late! Purchase your Trafik Sigorta today, and be sure that you are covered in case of an accident. If you require assistance from a representative, please get in touch with us through this contact information.