Understand How Health Care Policies Work in Turkey

The "Foreigners and International Asylum Law," which entered into force in 2014, made medical insurance a prerequisite for issuing residence permits to foreigners.

The "My Health" product we developed per the regulations provides 7/24 coverage for the examination, treatment, and care costs to arise in the face of any illness or accident the insured may suffer, at the extensive contracted service providers network of Turk Nippon Insurance, with quick response times. Health is the king, you know!

What's Included in Your Policy?

Our policy covers the minimum coverage structure set out in the circular on private health insurance to be made for Visa and residence requests. In other words, it is a policy that is valid for short-term residence permit applications.

In emergency cases, 40% in outpatient treatments and 100% in inpatient treatments cover all insurance companies, which are one year. There is a 1-year exemption for some diseases in outpatient therapies. These conditions are the same in all insurance companies; they do not change.

Inpatient Treatment Guarantees

  1. Hospital services (surgery, operation room, anesthesia, medication, laboratory, radiology, etc.)
  2. Room, bed, food, and hospital attendant expenses during the hospitalization
  3. Cornea, kidneys, pancreas, liver, heart, and lung transplantation
  4. ESWL, Gama Knife expenses
  5. Coronary angiography
  6. All diagnostic biochemistry, microbiology, pathology examinations, radiologic examination, and imaging during an inpatient treatment
  7. Post-operative physiotherapy
  8. Domiciliary medical care services that help daily living functions of the insured for social support purposes
  9. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and dialysis
  10. Medical treatments such as food poisoning, plaster cast, minor burn treatments that take less than 24 hours(observing, short-stays)
  11. Artificial organ expenses in case of loss of limbs due to an accident or illness
  12. Treatments at intensive care units
  13. Dental and nose treatments due to a traffic accident

* Inpatient care expenses are covered without limit at contracted medical institutions and subject to an annual limit of TRY 20,000 at non-contracted medical institutions, with the requirement of a 20% contribution on the part of the insured.

Outpatient Treatment Guarantees

  1. Doctor's examination
  2. Diagnostic review
  3. Medicine
  4. Physiotherapy

*Outpatient care expenses are covered subject to an annual limit of TRY 2,000 at all medical institutions, with the requirement of a 40% contribution on the part of the insured.

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Suppose you want a more comprehensive policy. You may refer to a policy plan above the minimum guarantees. You only need to get in touch with us for that. Our insurance experts will advise the best policy for you.