All Turkish bank details, regardless of where you are in the world, will be invalid. All details will be closed on December 1, 2022, for both personal and business accounts as if we will shut down the TRY account details of existing customers due to a change in local regulation coming into effect on December 1, 2022. These details will become invalid, and any transfers to them will fail.

Sending money from Turkey to people outside Turkey is not impacted by this. You won’t be able to receive money to your TRY balance on Wise.

This will not affect customers who reside outside Turkey.

Most Recent Update Regarding Wise Closing TRY Wise Account Information.

Takes Effect on March 1, 2023

End of TRY Access for Türkiye Customers on March 1, 2023
You can’t receive TRY balance money after March 1, 2023. Due to a regulation change, TRY account details will no longer be available to Türkiye customers.