Society & History

Society & History

How much do you know about Turkey? Find out more about the society and history of Turkey with our expert guides detailing everything you need to know, from traditional Turkish celebrations and holidays to the movies that every expat moving to Turkey must watch.

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About Türkiye: An Introduction

Welcome to Türkiye Incredible natural wonders, incomparable climatic conditions, and a rich historical legacy! You are invited to bask in the warm rays of the sun and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean every month of the year on the idyllic Turkish Riviera. This verdant coastal region...

by Karm

Culture and Social Etiquette in Turkey

Turkish culture is unique because it is an amalgamation of the West and East with its characteristics. Although Turks are very friendly and warm and hence can be seen as more expressive with minor qualms about personal space, specific occasions or regions where the influence of Islam and being more...

by Karm
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