In Turkey, a residence permit or residence permit private health insurance applicant should undergo to get our foreign customers, cooperation with Allianz Vitamin 2e.

We take vitamins with 2 products of your health in your life in Turkey secured.

Vitamin 2E Private Health Insurance covers the health expenses of the insured and / or the insurer (provided that they are stated in the policy) in the health institutions contracted with this product in case of illness and / or accident. These expenditures are in accordance with the General Conditions of Health Insurance specified in the policy of the insured, the Private Health Insurance Regulation and the related Special Conditions; The coverage specified in the policy is covered subject to the limit, percentage of payment and exemptions.


  • For your Outpatient and Inpatient expenses, Allianz provides services with a wide range of Agreements.
  • Coverage, such as Examination, X-ray, Laboratory, Medicine, Physical Therapy, Advanced Diagnostic Methods and Childhood Vaccine Spending are also included. In addition, all your medical expenses that may occur in university hospitals are under the guarantee of Allianz.
  • If you are a paid or affiliated taxpayer, you can download the premiums you have paid in accordance with the Income Tax Law from your tax base.
  • While Allianz Insurance helps you get Mammography and PSA * scans free of charge once a year, this does not affect your damage.
  • Our discounted institutions, which include many institutions from sports centres to beauty centres, optic stores to dental clinics, make you and your family experience the difference of being Allianz Insurance.

Who Can Benefit?

Residing in the territory of Turkey, our foreign customers between 0-64 years of age can benefit from vitamin 2 Insurance.


This product includes the minimum coverage structure determined in the Circular on Private Health Insurances to be Made in Residence Permit Requests numbered 9 and dated 06.06.2014.

  • Inpatient Treatment Coverage
  • Artificial Limb Coverage
  • Outpatient Treatment Coverage
  • Emergency Aid and Ambulance Service Coverage
  • Control Mammography Coverage (once a year for women over 40)
  • PSA Screening Service Coverage (once a year for men over 40)

Network Options

Yellow Network

All contracted health institutions, except the American Hospital, are on this Network.

Blue Network

All contracted health institutions are included in this Network except American Hospital Group, Acıbadem Health Group, Group Florence Nightingale (Ataşehir and Şişli FNG Hospitals are within the Blue Network) and Memorial Health Group.

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