These days, it seems like everyone has a million ways to communicate - emailing, texting, or even using social media. But did you know that there are also these awesome new mobile messaging apps? These nifty little programs offer all the benefits of traditional texting but with additional features such as greater security and quicker access to your favorite sites.

Why should you use a messaging app for business?

The mobile chat apps of today have become one of the most efficient ways to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with clients. And it's no surprise why! With 62% of businesses using WhatsApp just this year and Facebook Messenger boasting an impressive 51% increase in businesses utilizing its platform for customer service purposes, these tools are revolutionizing how we all do business. So what about these platforms that are winning over customers? Take a look at this list of mobile chatting apps and see which ones catch your eye!

List of top messaging apps

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the top messaging apps used across the globe. With an estimated 2 billion users, the platform allows users to communicate with others around the world with simple but useful texting options. Not only can you connect with friends through text, photos, and videos- you can also use these features when you create a business account for your company! Plus all sorts of other fun things so check it out if you haven't already!


LINE, the Japanese text messaging app with over 84 million monthly active users, is one of the most successful mobile apps in the world. Users can stay safe from prying eyes because all conversations are end-to-end encrypted. LINE connects seamlessly to large customer data systems so you can automate your business communications quickly and efficiently.

3. WeChat

WeChat is most often used in China, as the country doesn’t permit all mobile chat apps because of data access regulations. Customers can message businesses directly through this platform as if they’re contacting another regular user. So when businesses respond to questions or requests, the message thread will show up on the customer’s main page for convenience.

4. Telegram

Telegram, like LINE, is one of the best messenger apps for those who value user privacy. For now, it's not as popular but offers security features that are hard to find elsewhere. Secret chats ensure all messages are securely encrypted on your phone and self-destruct if you choose so too; making sure nobody can access anything you send or receive without you knowing about it in advance.

5. Viber

Viber is best known for its simple, friendly, and personalized user experience, making it easy for users to differentiate calls and messages on the platform. It allows businesses to create communities for customers so that they not only have the chance to interact with the business itself but with others who may have helpful insight into a specific issue. The app also offers an option for businesses to use chatbots, which help navigate customers to the right solutions.

6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is becoming more popular than ever before because it allows people to chat with their friends and family without having to go onto other sites. Since this is what most people do on the app anyways, it makes sense for them to go onto the chat platform if they want to contact a business and get information about what they're asking. You don't need an account but you do need an internet connection.

7. Kik

Kik is known to be popular among teens and young adults. They have an inbuilt web browser that allows users to browse through links and videos easily without having to go out of the app. One of its most distinctive features is the bot shop which enables businesses to engage with customers using chatbots.

8. Instagram

Instagram has come a long way from its humble beginnings of being just another photo-sharing app to now being a multifaceted platform where businesses can promote their brand and communicate important information to customers via push notifications and Instagram stories. Like other apps on this list, the platform allows businesses to automate message sending so they can better serve the needs of their customer base while keeping up with daily communication.

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