Turkey is a significant transcontinental nation with a strong economy, which attracts foreign investors. The Turkish government has introduced a programme that allows foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship by investing in the country's economy. 

The Turkish citizenship by investment programme grew to prominence following the enormous success of residence programmes in Spain, Portugal, and Greece. 

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the Turkey Investment Citizenship program. Read on to know more!

Brief Summary of Turkish Investment Citizenship

Citizenship by investment in Turkey was declared in 2016. The Turkish government introduced the programme to encourage foreign direct investment and enhance the country's real estate sector late in January 2017. Under this programme, investors can choose how they want to contribute to the Turkish economy.

When the Turkish citizenship by investment programme was first announced, the government estimated that the entry fee would be at least $1 million. As a result, only some investors were interested. After realising that the sum specified was excessive, the Turkish government reduced the required investment to $250,000 in mid-2019.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Accessible to Work, Study, and Live in Turkey

Turkish citizens, by investment, can now enjoy unrestricted access to the country's vibrant job market, enabling them to pursue employment opportunities without additional work permits or visas. This seamless integration into the workforce allows individuals to explore various sectors and contribute to the thriving Turkish economy. 

Moreover, Turkish citizenship grants individuals the privilege of pursuing higher education in esteemed Turkish universities and accessing scholarships and educational grants reserved for citizens.

Quick Path to Family Reunification and Citizenship

Applicants seeking Turkey investment citizenship may bring their spouse, dependant children under eighteen, and responsible parents. Furthermore, all members have access to free healthcare, much like the local Turkish people. 

Gaining Turkish citizenship by investing is the shortest way to obtain Turkish citizenship. After investing $400,000 in real estate, you can get your Turkish passport in less than four-six months after filing your application.

No Language and Residency Requirements

There is no set time limit for a person to stay in Turkey before or after completing the citizenship by investing in the Turkey process. You can be ready to go even if you are unfamiliar with the local Turkish language.

Furthermore, Turkey supports dual citizenship, meaning you do not have to give up your nationality to obtain a Turkish passport. Many investors with commitments in their nation will gain significantly from this.

Have Profitable Investment

Turkey, particularly Istanbul, has a thriving entrepreneurial community of startup co-founders and founders. This demonstrates that there are several options for collaboration and networking.  

Unlike several other citizenship-by-investment programmes, Turkey does not require a monetary payment in exchange for a passport. Instead, it provides several viable investment avenues. Startups of various stages can readily engage in entrepreneurship-focused events, accelerator programmes, conferences, co-working spaces, and hackathons. 

Entrepreneurs from around the country can swiftly learn from one another, build something new together, and meet together thanks to hybrid or newly digitised model programmes and events.  


With a strong economy and promising business prospects, Turkey is an attractive destination for those looking to expand their ventures in Europe and Asia. This programme offers foreign investors an attractive opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship and enjoy its benefits. 

As you navigate the investment process and explore the possibilities, this guide is a valuable resource to help you make informed decisions and embark on a promising journey in Turkey.

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