Turkey has recently amended its policy regarding using mobile phones purchased from abroad. The previous limit of 120 days for using these devices without registration has now been extended to 180 days. This change signifies an adjustment in Turkey's telecommunications and digital connectivity approach, particularly affecting Turkish citizens residing abroad.

This also applies to retired citizens with the MAVI card.

New Policy Explained

The updated regulation allows individuals to use mobile devices brought from overseas in Turkey for an extended period. Previously set at 120 days, this period has been increased to 180 days. To avail of this extension, users must apply via the e-Devlet portal, where they can extend the unregistered usage period of their device by 30 days, twice, leading to a total of 180 days.

IMEI Registration for Foreign Phones in Turkey

To apply for the extended usage period of foreign-purchased phones, users must request 'Temporary Communication' via the e-Devlet portal. This process allows for two 30-day extensions, totaling 180 days. The importance of this extension is underscored by the recent increase in IMEI registration fees. Previously at 20,000 TL, the fee has now risen to 31,692 TL.

Economic and Social Considerations

This policy update is expected to have several impacts. On the economic front, it may influence purchasing decisions regarding mobile devices, as bringing phones from abroad becomes more feasible. Socially, the extended period provides added convenience to Turkish citizens who frequently travel or reside abroad, easing their transition and communication needs.

The decision comes against the backdrop of a significant increase in IMEI registration fees. In recent years, these fees have seen an unprecedented rise. As of the latest figures, the registration fee stands at a substantial amount, highlighting the economic implications of mobile phone usage and registration in Turkey.

Policy Specifics for Turkish Citizens Abroad

It is important to note that this extended usage period is particularly relevant for Turkish citizens living or frequently traveling abroad. The regulation aims to facilitate their connectivity needs while in Turkey, acknowledging the importance of mobile communication in today's digitally connected world.

Registration for Foreigners and Additional Guidance

While the extension to 180 days is specific to Turkish citizens residing abroad, the 120-day period for unregistered phone use remains in effect for foreigners in Turkey. Those needing assistance with registering their mobile phones can find detailed guidance in the comprehensive article provided by Ikamet: How to Register Your Mobile Phone in Turkey.

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Turkey's recent policy revisions, extending the usage period for both mobile phones and vehicles brought from abroad, demonstrate a strong recognition and appreciation for its citizens living overseas. These measures facilitate the needs of Turkish citizens returning or visiting Turkey, underscoring the nation's commitment to its diaspora. The easing of these regulations enhances the convenience for Turkish expatriates, keeping them connected to their homeland, Turkiye, and reinforcing their ties to their heritage and culture.