Calling all adventurers, retirees, and expats! Turkey just opened its doors wider for you to bring your own vehicles. The exciting news? You can now keep your foreign-plated car in Turkey for a whopping four years, double the previous limit. This opens up a world of possibilities for exploring, immersing in the rich culture, and creating lasting memories.

Retired citizens from abroad are permitted to retain their vehicles with foreign license plates in Turkey for a temporary period of up to four (4) years. Takes effect on January 1, 2024.

Convenience and Savings on Wheels

Imagine ditching the rental car hassle and cruising through Turkey with your trusted companion. Whether it's a beloved camper van or a sleek motorcycle, the new regulation lets you save money and time by enjoying the comfort and familiarity of your own vehicle. No more relying on public transportation schedules or tour groups - your road trip, your pace.

Immerse Yourself in Turkish Culture

Forget the fleeting vacation. With four years under your belt, you have ample time to truly sink your teeth into Turkish life. Explore ancient ruins like Ephesus, get lost in the breathtaking landscapes of Cappadocia, or savor the flavors of local delicacies. Participate in vibrant festivals, learn the language, and build meaningful connections with the community. This extended stay lets you experience the authentic heartbeat of Turkey.

Hassle-Free Extensions, Keep the Adventure Rolling

No need to jump through bureaucratic hoops! Extending your vehicle period is now a breeze. Simply apply before the initial period ends, and voila, you get an additional 730 days to keep exploring. Whether it's hitting the backroads of Cappadocia or venturing east to Georgia, the extension keeps your Turkish adventure rolling.

Go Beyond Borders, Explore Await

After four years of Turkish immersion, the world beckons. The new rules let you take your vehicle out for a spin - as long as you spend at least 185 days abroad. Imagine driving into the ancient sites of Greece, soaking up the scenic routes of Bulgaria, discovering the vibrant cultures of Iran, or simply returning to your home country. Your trusty vehicle becomes your passport to a wider world, all accessible from your Turkish base.

By adhering to this requirement, retired citizens can enjoy the benefits of bringing their vehicles back to Turkey for another 4-year period and continue their journey of discovery in this captivating country.

UK Residents, Rejoice! A Month of Turkish Delights

Calling all Brits! You have a special perk - a one-month entry period with no strings attached. Enjoy the beauty of Turkey for a short-term stay without the usual visa fuss. This makes it easier than ever to experience Turkish hospitality, stunning landscapes, and rich history, leaving you with memories to cherish.

Stay Secured, Drive with Confidence

Peace of mind is key. Ikamet, a trusted source for expats in Turkey, offers tailored traffic insurance specifically designed for your needs. Protect your vehicle against accidents, theft, and natural disasters with their competitive rates and comprehensive coverage. Drive with confidence and enjoy your Turkish adventure to the fullest!

So, pack your bags, dust off your vehicle, and get ready to experience Turkey like never before. The extended stay opportunity, hassle-free extensions, and exciting exploration possibilities make this the perfect time to embark on your Turkish adventure. Let the road trip begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum duration a vehicle can stay in Turkey under the temporary imports category for retired individuals residing abroad?

Vehicles brought to Turkey under the temporary imports category by retired citizens living abroad can now remain in Turkey for up to four years.

How can individuals extend their vehicle's stay in Turkey beyond the initial two-year period?

Retired individuals can apply for an extension of their vehicle's stay in Turkey for an additional two years by submitting an application to the customs directorates before the end of the initial two-year period.

Has the recent regulation changed the requirement for retirees to remove their vehicles from Turkey for a certain period?

Yes, the recent regulation has removed the obligation for retirees to take their vehicles out of Turkey for a specified time. This is applicable when they are renewing the 2-year residency period of their vehicles.

Is the extension applicable to vehicles that are already in Turkey under the temporary imports category?

Yes, the extension is applicable to vehicles that are already in Turkey under the temporary imports category for retired individuals residing abroad.

What are the key requirements for individuals to avail of this four-year stay for their vehicles in Turkey?

Individuals must apply to the customs directorates for the extension before the expiration of the initial two-year period—documentation proving residency, retired status abroad, and mandatory traffic insurance.

What steps must be taken after the four-year period to gain another four years for a vehicle under the temporary imports category in Turkey?

After the four-year period, the vehicle must be taken out of Turkey. The owner must then wait for a period of 185 days before re-importing it under the temporary imports category. This process allows for the initiation of a new four-year period, subject to the same regulations and eligibility criteria as the initial period.

Has the amendment added any new countries to the list for the annual one-month vehicle period?

Yes, the amendment includes the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the list of countries whose residents can benefit from the one-month period given once a year for personal-use land vehicles. This applies to vehicles registered in the names of persons residing in the European Union and European Free Trade Association countries.

Who benefits from the one-month period for personal-use land vehicles?

The one-month period is available to residents of the European Union, European Free Trade Association countries, and now the United Kingdom. This benefit is specifically for those who have used all their granted periods or who cannot meet the residence condition.

Where can I find the official announcement for the amendment to Decision No. 2009/15481?

The official announcement is available on the Turkey Ministry of Trade's website at this link.