Is it necessary to obtain a visa to enter to Turkey?

In accordance with Article 13 of the Law of Foreigners and International Protection, foreigners must obtain a visa at the consulate of the nation where they were born or are physically present to enter and remain in Turkey for up to 90 days. The visa must be valid for the intended purpose of their visit.

My visa is valid for a year. Can I remain in Turkey for an entire year?

You can stay in Turkey maximum 90 days within 180 days with a visa.

I want to apply for the residence permit but there is no Turkish Consulate in my residence country. How may I enter Turkey?

If you do not qualify for visa exemption, you may apply for a visa at any Turkish Foreign Representative Office in a third country to enter Turkey.

I am banned to enter Turkey. What should I do to enter Turkey?

You must apply for an annotated visa (a visa with particular conditions) to the Turkish Foreign Representatives in your nation.

Can I use my visa after my residence permit is over without leaving?

Visa or visa exemption cannot be used after the residence permit expires without leaving.

What is an annotated (special condition/ preliminary permission) visa?

In this instance, a visa request is submitted to our foreign representatives and forwarded to our General Directorate; a visa is not issued without the consent of the Internal Affairs Ministry. As a result, it is regarded as a temporary visa.

Where can I find out the result of my annotated visa (special condition visa) application?

The Turkish Foreign Representative Office where you applied can tell you the outcome, or if you arrive in person and complete the security checks, you can call YMER 157 to find out.

How long should I use the visa that I received from the consulate at the latest?

Your consulate-issued visa must be used within six months of receiving it.

How can I apply for an e-visa?

E-visas are accepted for both touristic and business trips to Turkey. You can apply for an e-visa online at

My passport is about to expire, can I enter to Turkey?

Foreigners whose passports or other travel documents expire sixty days or more before the expiration date of their visa, visa exemption, or residence permit will be denied entry into Turkey.

Can I have a residence permit with a border visa?

A border visa can be used to apply for a residence permit, though it depends on the desired kind.

For how many days the border visa is given?

The maximum duration is 15 days.

I stayed in Turkey five more days than my visa period (I breach) does the entry ban is applied?

The border gate you will leave evaluates your situation. According to Article 54 of the Law, those whose visas have been canceled or who have overstayed their visa or the visa exemption period by more than ten days would receive a removal decision. However, those who violate their visa or stay for less than 10 days are permitted to leave as long as they pay the fine. Article 54 of Law 6458 states that no removal decision will be made.

My visa is over and I'm in Turkey. Can I apply for e-visa within the country?

Within Turkey, one cannot apply for an electronic visa. The person must submit an application for a residence permit if they intend to remain in the nation.

How long should my passport period be to enter Turkey?

It would be best if you had a passport or other identification valid for at least 60 days beyond your intended stay.

Where can I find out the result of my visa application?

Suppose the applicant contacts YMER 157 line and completes the security questions in person. In that case, they can also find the outcome from the Turkish Foreign Representative Office, where they submitted their application.

Within how many days will the visa application be finalized?

Applications for visas are submitted to the consulate in the nation where the foreign national has citizenship or is physically present. Applications may also be submitted online. Results of visa applications are given at the latest in 90 days. This time frame begins once the foreigners have finished completing the necessary paperwork.

I got a penalty arising from a visa breach, can I enter to Turkey?

Foreigners who need to settle debts from exceeding a visa's validity period or a previous residence permit's duration will not be allowed entry into Turkey.

What is the visa exemption fee?

Countries determined by the Ministry in accordance with the reciprocity principle to be exempt from paying residence permit fees and countries exempt from paying a fee for a single entry visa. For foreigners entering Turkey with a special visa or stamp visa application, a single entry visa fee is not collected due to having been paid by foreign representatives. However, a single entry visa fee is charged when requesting a residence permit for foreign nationals who enter our country under the terms of the visa exemption agreement between our country and theirs.