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Frequently asked questions

How can I get the address information and phone numbers of the provincial migration managements?

On the website of the Presidency of Migration Management, "Göç İdaresi Başkanlığı" (www.goc.gov.tr), you may find the contact information and physical addresses of the provincial migration management in all 81 provinces.

Are people married to a Turkish citizen allowed to apply for a residence permit in case of breach?

Foreigners married to Turkish citizens who violate their visa or residence permits are ordered to leave the country. They may contact the relevant provincial migration administration if leaving the government is not an option.

I studied at X university for 2 years. I got into/ undergraduate transfer to Y university. What is the procedure I need to follow?

The current residence permit must be kept in force as long as the student is not interrupted and is informed promptly in case of faculty or department changes within the same educational institution and changes to the educational institution within the same province. These foreign nationals must give the Directorate of Migration Management 20 working days' notice before changing departments, faculties, or schools. If the length of the residence permit is less than the study period, it will be extended until the conclusion of the study period. If you decide to continue your studies in a different province, a new residence permit will be issued to you for the next academic year.

Is it possible to go abroad within 90 days evaluation process?

The Provincial Directorate of Migration Management issues residence permit application forms to foreigners who submit their initial applications on the scheduled day. The system automatically generates the application document for requests for extensions. The Provincial Directorate of Migration Management must approve before this document can be used. If you return within 15 days, this application form and authorized fee receipt samples allow multiple exit-entry for each person.

I will apply for family residence permit, am I required to submit criminal record for each family member?

The individual who will serve as the sponsor must have a clean criminal record to apply for a family residence permit. Migration management is always entitled to request proof of your claim.

What is apostille?

Apostille is a document authentication method that allows for a document's legal usage in another country and ensures its authenticity.

Where can I get apostille?

You must obtain the document from the authorities of the nation where you obtained it if you are a citizen of one of the nations that are a party to the Apostille agreement. (The Ministry of Justice's website lists the parties to the Apostille Agreement.)

Does a document, which is apostilled, also need to be approved?

The notary public must approve the sworn Turkish translation before it can be utilized at Turkish institutions.

I will stay with my friend, may he/she submit an undertaking stating that I will stay with her/him?

Plan to stay with a third party (other than a family member). That person must provide a notarized undertaking (if the person you will remain with is married, the spouse must also submit a notarized undertaking.)

Do I have to have a family residence permit for my child?

If the requirements are met, the sponsor can apply for a residence visa for a dependent kid over 18 and is either their own or a spouse's. They might apply for a different type of residence permit if the requirements of the family residence permit are not met. The Provincial Migration Management conducts evaluations. 

While the application is evaluated If I exit the country with application document and stay more than fifteen days abroad, would there be any enforcement?

The general terms of your visa will bind you if you stay longer than fifteen days abroad. You are permitted to stay in Turkey for 90 days out of 128 days, as per Article 10.

Are e-government documents valid for applications for residence permit?

E-government-provided documents that can be used in official institutions will be approved.

While entering the insurance information in the e-residence application form, you are asked for insurance information even for the ones under 18 and over 65 years old. How should this area be filled?

For the short-term and student residence permits via the e-residents system, the option must be chosen between 18 and 65. For the family residency permit, the sponsor must have a current health insurance plan covering every family member. Foreign nationals under 18 who do not own property or get income from their parents are not eligible for long-term residency permits. Foreign nationals over 65 must prove they cannot be insured to obtain long-term residency permits.

How many days are granted to submit missing documents?

The migration management team may give you up to 30 days to provide any papers that are still missing. Your application will be rejected if you do not submit the missing documents within the allotted time.

Is it possible for two married foreigners to get a family residence permit?

There is no way to simultaneously set up a family residence permit since one of the foreigners must be the other's sponsor. This is true even if two married foreigners are willing to apply for a family residence permit (as long as they stay in our country with our residence permit for at least one year or have a work permit). Only foreign nationals who meet a sponsor's requirements may apply.

May I make an extension application to change the type of my residence permit?

Foreign nationals may apply for a residence permit appropriate for their new purpose if their original purpose changes or becomes invalid. They must submit a transfer request.

Can I apply for the residence permit with expired passport?

Foreign nationals applying for a residence permit must possess a passport substitution document valid for at least sixty days. Therefore, the expired passport cannot be used to apply for a residence permit. (On the e-ikamet website, you can apply for a residence permit with an expired passport. The expiration date might be written as the date on your new passport. However, a passport or document that serves as a passport substitute with a validity of at least sixty days must be presented during the evaluation time.

How much money should I have in the bank to get a residence permit?

Unless the administration requires other paperwork for the short-term and student residency permits, the foreigner declaration is sufficient. For family residence permit applications, the supporter's income must be at least one-third of the minimum salary per person and cannot be less than the minimum pay overall. An appropriate and consistent income is required for a long-term residence permit. Your income may be considered sufficient and regular if it is equal to the monthly minimum wage, if you own an income-producing property, or if you have money in the bank to ensure your survival in our nation.

How long will the residence permit applications be resulted?

A residence permit application must be handled within 90 days to receive a response. The ninety-day period begins after completing and submitting the information and papers to the appropriate authority. The foreigner is told if the time will be extended.

For the residence permit applications which documents migration management might ask for about the statement of income?

Retired person identification card and retirement pension allocation document, pass book, international credit card, approved and updated income certificate that has an inscription stating that it is no levied, sealed and signed letter from a company, a document that states bank deposit money, a document that shows the amount kept in a bank for the duration of residence, for rental income real property title deed and rental contract that is not older than 2 years, for self-employed people photocopy of tax form related to the company which is owned or shared, A1-F171 registry gazette, authorized signatures list, balance sheet and income statement of the last three years approved by tax office or certified councillorship, trial balance of the current year, registration document or operating certificate by the Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen might be asked for. If obtained from out of Turkey, the documents for statement of income are required to be translated into Turkish by a sworn translator and notarized.

How long should my passport period be to apply for a residence permit?

You must possess a passport valid for at least 60 extra days beyond the requested time or a passport-alternative document.

My application for residence permit has been rejected, which procedure should I follow? Am I allowed to apply again?

Foreigners or their legal representatives or advocates are informed when their application for a residence permit, an extension request, or the cancellation of their residence permit has been denied. Along with the other rights and obligations during this process, the notice includes information on how foreigners may use their objection rights effectively. Furthermore, it is impossible to submit a new application for the same type of residence permit for the same reason within six months of the initial application is denied. You may apply for a different purpose if you have a legal window.

I made the residence permit application, do I have to pay to make an appointment?

No, appointments must be made online, and applications must be submitted through the website. A scheduled appointment is free. A free appointment can be scheduled.

Where should I make the payment for residence permit fee and card fee regarding the residence permit application?

By providing your application number, you may pay the residence permit fee and card fee on the E-Ikamet system using a virtual POS and a credit card, at the tax office responsible for collecting irregular taxes, at pay desks operated by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, or at banks (Ziraat Bank, Vakifbank, and Halk Bank) that have an agreement with the Ministry of Finance. The following codes must be entered to pay bank fees: 9207 for card fees, 9234 for visa fees, and 9233 for residence permit fees.

Is it possible for foreigners, who apply for the residence permit but not to have a residence permit card, to go out from the country?

Suppose the residence permit is within the legal duration and the fee receipts (aside from those specified in the document exempt from fees) are submitted. In that case, foreigners who will temporarily depart Turkey and return without waiting for the issuance of a residence permit may do so from the border gates without incurring a breach fee. Even if they require a visa to enter the country from the country of their citizenship, they can enter without one if they return within fifteen (15) days. The application form offers several entry and exit rights for longer than every 15 days.

How can I learn the documents required after I make an application for residence permit?

The necessary documents are listed on the application forms after foreigners complete their applications on the e-ikamet system. Additionally, they are listed on e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr as "Required Documents." Calling YİMER 157 will connect you to more information.

I applied for a residence permit, on which date does the duration start?

When a visa or visa exemption expires, or if one is demanded, when the application is made, the residence permit becomes effective. The extension application period begins when the prior residence permit expires.

Can I apply for a residence permit through a person or a company?

There are no relationships between either natural or legal third parties and the Directorate General of Migration Management. Please use your name when requesting a residence permit; do not use third-party natural or legal persons.

Can someone else make an application for residence permit on behalf of the foreigner?

Applications must be submitted in person by the application owner. These requests may also be submitted using attorneys or advocates with a foreigner's warrant of attorney.

What are the codes I can use to make payment for residence permit fee and card fee?

You can pay the residence permit and card fees at the Ministry of Treasury and Finance's pay desks, tax offices that collect irregular taxes, or banks that contract with the Ministry of Finance (Ziraat Bank, Vakif Bank, Halk Bank.) The necessary payment codes are 9207 for card fees, 9234 for visa fees, and 9233 for residence permit fees.

Are there photos on residence permit cards?

Your residence permit card's photo must be biometric, recent (6 months) in date, and taken against a white background. At the time of your appointment, 4 additional photos are required.

How may I learn the amount I should pay for residence permit fee and card fee?

The amount that foreign applicants must pay is determined when they complete their applications on the e-ikamet system. Additionally, they could check it on their application.

When should I pay my residence permit fee and card fee?

Payment of the residence permit and card fees is required before the appointment date for applications for new residence permits, transfers, and extensions.

I applied for residence permit but I do not have access to my application.

Your passport number must be entered exactly as you did when you started the application. It would help if you tried to gain access by entering your application number, a preferred method of communication, and passport number (or your foreigner's identification number.)

What should be done if the residence permit card is lost or stolen?

The residence permit certificate must be rearranged if the residence permit card is damaged, lost, stolen, or frayed. The entire residence permit card fee must be paid if it is lost, stolen, or frayed, but only half of the residence permit fee. Loss reports must be filed with the police department. The Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in the city of residence should be contacted along with the loss report, biometric photo, and document indicating that the address is registered to the address system.

How to get a residence permit?

It is necessary to show up for the appointment with the required documentation after submitting an online application through e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr. The person's residence permit card will be delivered to the indicated address once the relevant Migration Management has approved the application.

What do I need to do when applying for a residence permit if my expenses of health are covered by board and lodging or public institutions during my residence permit?

Health insurance will not be necessary during residence if the relevant public institutions and organizations cover housing or medical costs and the foreign national can demonstrate sufficient financial resources. The relevant hospital, public institutions, or organizations may be asked for information or documents regarding the treatment of foreigners if necessary.

I went abroad when I got permission to stay. Can I apply for a residence permit from abroad?

Applications for residence permits from abroad are not yet accepted. According to the visa regime between the two countries, foreigners whose residence permit expires while abroad can apply for a residence permit in electronic form once they have entered the country. It may also be submitted by a foreigner's attorney or legal representative. However, in this situation, Article 97 of Law No. 6458 provides that foreigners may be requested to show up on the day of the appointment.

How may I apply for humanitarian residence permit?

With the approval of the Ministry of Interior, the governorate grants a one-year humanitarian residence permit without examining the conditions that are necessary when applying for other types of residence permits.

What is the duration of the residence permit issued to the citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus?

Law No. 6458 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizens are eligible to apply for a five-year residence permit under Article 31 of the Law on the Protection of International Protection and Foreigners.

I want to apply for a short-term residence permit, I may request two years, but the health insurance is valid for 1 year. What can I do in this case?

A two-year residence permit can be requested along with a two-year general health insurance policy if the health insurance provider can provide coverage for 1+1 years.

How long will the residence permit be canceled if foreigners with short-term residence permit stay abroad?

Within the framework of International Labor Law No. 6735, published in the Official Gazette on August 13, 2016, there is no longer a time limit for how long a person can stay abroad with a short-term residence permit. The durations before the specified date, as permitted by this type of residency permit, and any violations, if any, shall apply.

How long is a short term residence permit granted?

A short-term residence permit is typically only valid for two years. The administration has the discretion to choose the length of the residence permit. Additionally, foreigners and their spouses, as well as their minor and dependent foreign children who are not employed in Turkey but who will invest within the parameters and amounts that the Council of Ministers will decide, may be granted a short-term residence permit in Turkey for five years.

I changed my address during my current residence permit. What should I do? If this address is in a different province, will my residence permit be canceled?

Foreign nationals who wish to relocate from their province of residence to another province must apply for a new residence permit in the new city and give 20 working days' notice to the provincial directorate of migration management. If the type of residence permit does not change during this process, a new residence permit is issued; however, no additional fees will be assessed. It suffices to inform the new Provincial Migration Management within 20 working days if you have relocated to another address inside the confines of your province. In this scenario, you won't receive a new residence permit card and can stay in the country as long as you have your current one.

When should I make the residence permit application for extension?

Applications for residence permit extensions may be submitted at least sixty days before your current permit expires and, in any case, before that date.

I made online payment, can I get my fee receipts?

The "Download Receipt (PDF)" tab allows you to print one-off output for online payments. If printing isn't an option, you can print the output from the accrual number's webpage at https://spos.gib.gov.tr/Spos/Sorgu.

Are student residence permits charged?

Students at Turkish universities or colleges are given free residence permits. In addition, students attending consultants, embassy schools, and international schools—all of which are not Turkish schools—are charged a residence permit fee.

I'm holding a student residence permit. I got married with a Turkish citizen. Do I need to change the type of residence permit? Can I get a family residence permit if I meet the conditions?

A family residence permit may be granted to a foreign national who has a student residence permit if the requirements for such a permit become applicable. Additionally, the student will have the same privileges as the residence permit as long as they continue to adhere to its requirements. If the student chooses, they may extend their legal stay with a residence permit.

I graduated long before my student residence permit expired. Will my residence permit continue, how should I proceed?

Graduate students must apply within ten days for a new residence permit appropriate for their new stay because their current residence permit is revoked as of the graduation date. The student's residence permit is extended for one year and no longer than the maximum time necessary to complete their education.

Which type of residence permit can foreigners apply for private students, open education or distance education?

On the grounds of special students, open education, or distance education, student residence permits are not permitted. You must apply for a residence permit if you meet the requirements.

Is it necessary to notify in case of a passport change?

Foreign nationals must notify the governorship (Migration Management) of a passport change within 20 working days.

What can I do if I get the passport matching error?

You must select the appropriate type of passport for entry into Turkey: private, ordinary, diplomatic, etc.) Unless a special situation requires the acquisition of an ordinary passport, a special situation acquisition of an ordinary passport must be made. You must enter the information from your passport for Turkey in the field for passport or travel documents. Using the last travel document you used to enter the country is crucial if the one used for entry is lost, expired, or renewed without leaving the country. Use your new passport's validity date in addition. If you have two passports, the system will only recognize the most recent one you used to enter Turkey if you have dual citizenship. The newborns who do not have entry or exit records on their passports must apply the Migration Management. If, after applying the previous instructions above, the no-match warning message persists on the residency page, try all possible combinations with letters, without letters, and with a space between the numbers and letters. On the passport information page, there is a section for MRZ. Please verify that the passport number on it matches the one on the MRZ section by typing the same passport number. You must enter the data similarly if your passport is written with this number. Foreign nationals who entered Turkey before 2007 and have no planned entries or exits after that date should apply to the relevant Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Foreigners who entered the country using a national ID card and carrying their passports must apply the Migration Management. Foreigners listed as being stateless or who entered Turkey with a refugee travel document must submit an application to Migration Management. Foreigners who receive a no-match warning message on the e-residency system because South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or Taiwan are either missing from the list of countries or are listed under a different name must apply the Migration Management.

Is there any sanction if I cannot go to the provincial immigration directorate on the appointment day?

Your application won't be taken further. You are still allowed to schedule a new appointment and show up if your legal period is still in effect. You risk losing your visa if your legal period has passed and you have applied for a visa for the first time, and you risk losing your residence permit if your legal period has expired and you have used it for an extension.

My visa-residence period will be over, before the appointment date. Will it be a problem?

Foreign nationals may remain in the country until their appointment with an application form, even if their visa and residence permit has expired.

What can I do if I get the insurance mismatching (not matching) error?

In this situation, you must first get in touch with your insurance provider to learn your policy number, the name of the provider, the renewal number, and the beginning and end dates of the insurance coverage during the application process. Additionally, the renewal number is "0 (zero)" for the first time, "1" for the second time, and "2" for the third time if there is no renewal number in your insurance policy and you are a foreigner purchasing insurance from the insurance company. Additionally, data entry for the insurance information should be tried using numbers rather than letters. For specific details, you should get in touch with your insurance provider.

For how long does it take for foreigners, who enter to Turkey with a conditional entry, to apply for residence permit?

You must submit an application for a residence permit in the e-residency tab at www.goc.goc.tr within 10 days if you enter with a conditional entry.

Can I get a residence permit with my family on real estate?

Real estate must be used for residential purposes and included in applications for residence permits. Family members may also apply for a residence permit under the terms of this clause if they share common or joint ownership rights to real estate.

What is the procedure for obtaining a residence permit for primary and secondary school students?

Children from other countries residing in our country under a family residency permit are entitled to educational benefits. These foreign nationals do not require any additional residence permits. Applicants for student residence permits who are under 18 and not traveling with their parents must provide a consent certificate, birth certificate, and undertaking certificate. However, visitors from abroad must have a visa appropriate for their intended purpose of travel to attend primary and secondary schools. On the other hand, the residence permit is structured with one year for those who fall under the purview of the academic year from the start of the academic year until the start of the next academic year.

I enrolled in a course for learning Turkish. How are the residence permit procedures?

If you directly enroll in a Turkish language course, you can only obtain a short-term residence permit if you enter our country with a visa for a Turkish language course. This residency permit, however, can only be issued twice. If you enroll in the university and the university directs you to TMER, a student residence permit is issued to you until the start of the subsequent academic year if you can provide documentation of your circumstances. Students who arrive in our nation on a student visa but choose not to enroll in a university because their level of Turkish is insufficient are allowed to have a short-term residence permit. They are then directed to a Turkish language course.

What is the procedure for the foreigner babies born in Turkey?

Depending on their parent's residence permit duration, they are permitted to remain in Turkey for six months with a hospital-issued birth certificate. A passport must be obtained during this time, and an application for a residence permit must be submitted, provided the time frame begins on the date of birth. A document from the mukhtar office is necessary for children born outside of a hospital.

How should we proceed in order to have a residence permit for foreigner babies were born in Turkey?

Depending on the duration of their parent's residence permits, foreign children born in Turkey may remain with birth certificates until their travel documents are issued, and they apply for a residence permit. A birth certificate does not grant permission to enter or leave Turkey. A residence permit for these kids must be issued within 128 days. From the child's birth date forward, the residence permit is valid. 

I'm staying with stateless status in Turkey, can I apply for a residence permit?

The stateless person identity card has been replaced with a residence permit, and if you ask for one and meet the requirements, you have the right to apply for one.

I'm applying for an extension. Although I enter the same information, the system directs me to make an appointment.

As of May 2, 2019, the mail process for residence permit applications has been discontinued, and an appointment system has been implemented across all 81 provinces. Foreign nationals seeking extensions of their visas must appear at the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management on the scheduled appointment date and time.

Can I enter and exit without any restrictions if I get a long term residence permit?

A long-term resident's permit will be revoked if they leave Turkey continuously for longer than a year, barring travel for medical, educational, or government-related obligations.

What are the conditions for applying for a long-term residence permit?

The following requirements must be met before a long-term residence permit is issued: (a) having resided continuously in Turkey for at least eight years (b) receiving no social assistance in the previous three years (c) earning enough money to support themselves and, if applicable, their families, and having a valid medical insurance policy. d) not to pose a threat to public safety or order. Subject to subparagraph (d), foreigners deemed qualified for a long-term residence permit because they satisfy the requirements established by the Migration Policies Board are exempt from the conditions outlined in the first paragraph.

My visa is expired. In how many days can I apply for a residence permit?

Applications submitted online within 10 days of the visa-visa exemption's expiration will be considered.

I have a visa/ residence breach. How much I have to pay for?

The amount of the penalty is necessary for the event of a violation. The tuition is different depending on each country because it is set within the parameters of the agreements with those nations. Additionally, there are differences in the length of the breach, nationality, and age. You can learn about penalties at the border gates when you leave our nation.

Is it considered to have a breach of visa or residence permit when the foreigner is in detention?

After the procedure, it has not been determined that those still being held as prisoners or inmates have violated their visas or residence permits. Before the process is established, if there is a visa or residence permit violation, the residence permits must be revoked, and the proceedings must follow the general rules for periods of a breach.

Is there a separate type of residence permit for those who live in the yacht?

No specific type of residence exists. If you meet the requirements, you can apply for a residence permit. 

My friend will to come to study open education from abroad. Can we apply for a student residence permit?

On the grounds of special students, open education, or distance education, student residence permits are not permitted. You must apply for a residence permit if you meet the requirements.