Foreigners who want to live in Turkey must meet certain requirements, such as obtaining a residence permit or having a business connection. With the law that went into effect on April 11, 2014, foreign health insurance (Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası) became one of these requirements. In our article, we went into great detail about the foreign health insurance that people who want to live in Turkey should obtain.

What is Foreign Health Insurance?

Foreign health insurance is something that foreigners who will be living in Turkey for more than 90 days must have. In other words, foreign guests who are not Turkish citizens must apply for health insurance in order to get a residence permit. As part of their insurance, foreign nationals get guarantees like coverage for both outpatient and inpatient care. Foreign health insurance is also known as health insurance for foreign nationals with a residence permit.

What is Residence Insurance?

Residence insurance (İkamet Sigortası) refers to health insurance for foreign nationals with a residence permit. A process similar to the foreign health insurance used in Turkey operates in many other countries around the world. However, in Europe and North America, names such as residence permit insurance (İkamet İzni Sigortası) are preferred over foreign health insurance. In this regard, we can say that residence insurance and foreign health insurance are synonymous.

Are Foreigners Required to Have Health Insurance?

Foreign health insurance is required for foreign nationals who decide to live in Turkey for more than a year. We can also say that having a residence permit and health insurance is also a legal requirement for foreign visitors who want to live in Turkey. This condition is not required in cases where there is Turkish citizenship, such as dual citizenship. People who will be in Turkey for less than a year can take advantage of some special services, such as travel insurance.

Who Can Benefit from Foreign Health Insurance?

Foreign nationals wishing to live and work in Turkey can obtain foreign health insurance. The requirements for obtaining and applying for foreign health insurance vary depending on the insurance company. Some businesses have an age limit in their special terms. Companies, for example, may limit foreigners between the ages of 0 and 70 by providing health insurance. This can be discovered by requesting an online foreign health insurance quote or by contacting insurance companies directly.

Is Foreign Health Insurance Compulsory for Turkish Spouses?

If a foreign national's spouse is a Turkish citizen, an SGK inquiry is conducted before the foreign health insurance is issued. Foreign health insurance is not required if the spouse is covered by SSI.

Foreign nationals whose spouse is not an SSI member must obtain foreign health insurance in order to live in Turkey.

What Is Covered by Health Insurance for Foreigners?

Outpatient and inpatient treatment are the two types of foreign health insurance coverages. Please keep in mind that the coverage limits of foreign residence insurance could vary depending on the insurance company.

Outpatient treatment coverages are generally listed as follows:

  • Doctor's examination
  • Assays (analysis)
  • Medicine
  • Physical therapy

Inpatient treatment guarantees are listed as follows:

  • Surgeries
  • Costs incurred in the event of a hospital stay
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Dialysis
  • Artificial limb expenses

The coverage lasts as long as the policy does, which is usually only one year. The foreigner can renew the insurance if he or she plans to stay in Turkey for another year. Some companies have a 3- to 6-month probationary period.

Is It Possible to Have 2 Years of Foreign Health Insurance?

Most insurance companies give out policies that are good for one year. The coverages under the policy are in effect for as long as the policy is in effect, which is only one year. At the end of a year, if the foreigner is still living in Turkey, he or she can update the insurance. Some insurance companies also offer 2-year foreign health insurance for people who continue to reside in Turkey.

The time period can be extended if desired, but we suggest getting more information when getting quotes from insurance companies for foreign health insurance that is valid for 2 years. Most people who apply for 2-year residence permits do so as students, homeowners, or families.

For Whom Is Foreign Residence Health Insurance Not Mandatory?

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who live abroad and people who have a "blue card" are not required to have health insurance in Turkey. "What's a Blue Card?" At this point, it helps to answer the question.

What is a Blue Card?

People who were born in the Republic of Turkey but gave up their citizenship on their own can be given a "blue card" status. People who give up their citizenship and get a "blue card" are exempt from certain rights and responsibilities, such as having to serve in the military or being able to vote and run for office. But they can still use other rights that Turkish citizens have.

If the person gave up their Turkish citizenship on their own and still wants to live in Turkey, they should contact the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs to find out more. Also, if he wants to use private hospitals, all he has to do is sign up for private health insurance to be treated safely.

How to Cancel Foreign Health Insurance?

There are two ways to cancel foreign health insurance. The first of these is going to be covered by SSI. If a foreigner lives in Turkey and starts working as an SSI member, they can cancel their insurance.

The second time is when the foreigner gets a permit to live there. After getting a residence permit, the person can apply to the insurance company to cancel the foreign health insurance and get private health insurance.

But the foreign national has to take care of the problems with the cancellation. Those who want to can use their right to cancel, and those who want to can take advantage of having two different types of insurance.

Refunds are only made for residence permits that are initially rejected. Migration management must sign a confirmation of a rejection. After doing their homework, the insurance company will only give their approval.

Can Foreigners Get Private Health Insurance?

Just like Republic of Turkey citizens, foreigners can get private health insurance. But first, they have to get a residence permit to live there. For them to get the residence permit, they have to sign up for foreign health insurance. In other words, a foreign national must first obtain a residence permit by obtaining foreign health insurance and providing other legal requirements. Foreigners can get private health insurance (link) if they have a residence permit.

The Republic of Turkey gives foreigners with a residence permit an identity card. The card has a number (kimlik) on it that foreigners can use to identify themselves. This number is similar to the Republic of Turkey identification number that Turkish citizens use. Foreigners can apply for private health insurance through if they have a YKN number, which is also called a Yabanci Kimlik Number. They must add the foreigner's identity number instead of the Republic of Turkey's identity number.

A foreign national can also get a complementary health insurance (link) offer (TSS) if they have either a residence permit or work permit in Turkey. Foreigners who have SSI, which is the same thing as state-supported health insurance, have the same right to TSS as Turkish citizens. helps foreign nationals get insurance quotes from dozens of different companies. People who want insurance can choose the best option for them from the ones that are given. Ikamet's newsletters often have coupons for discounts.

What is the Difference Between Private Health Insurance and Foreign Health Insurance?

Foreign health insurance is a less comprehensive type of insurance than private or complementary health insurance. People who have private health insurance can use private hospitals with unlimited or high-limit coverages. With extra coverages, the insured can also benefit from insurance in many different ways, like when their child is born. But the type of insurance that applies to foreign nationals doesn't have any extra guarantees or high limits.

How Much Does Foreign Insurance Cost in 2023?

Foreign health insurance prices are affordable and not excessively high because foreigners are not required to obtain as much insurance and coverage to obtain residency. According to insurance regulations, premiums for foreign health insurance vary by age. Due to this, you can obtain up-to-date information by reviewing the prices listed below for our foreign health insurance.

Foreign Health Insurance 2023 Prices

We offer affordable foreign health insurance. Our short- and long-term pricing can be customized—request a quote!.

Age range 1. year 2. year Total price
0-15 2,080.00 ₺ 3,120.00 ₺ 5,200.00 ₺
16-25 1,168.00 ₺ 1,752.00 ₺ 2,920.00 ₺
26-35 1,244.00 ₺ 1,866.00 ₺ 3,110.00 ₺
36-45 1,797.00 ₺ 2,696.00 ₺ 4,493.00 ₺
46-55 2,099.00 ₺ 3,149.00 ₺ 5,248.00 ₺
56-60 2,630.00 ₺ 3,945.00 ₺ 6,575.00 ₺
61-65 2,863.00 ₺ 4,295.00 ₺ 7,158.00 ₺
66-70 5,605.00 ₺ 8,408.00 ₺ 14,013.00 ₺

If you find a better price somewhere else*, we'll either match it or beat it. There are some rules, like giving an official quote or estimate.

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