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Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Protection for Foreigners

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Insurance for up to Age 70.

With Covid-19 Health Insurance, your Covid-19 related medical expenses are covered when you travel to Turkey from abroad! With prices starting from £10, six different insurance plans are available to non-Turkish passport holders traveling to Turkey from abroad. Please click here for more information or to apply for the Covid-19 Health Insurance provided exclusively for Ikamet guests by our corporate partner Unico Insurance (Unico Sigorta A.Ş.).


What is the COVID-19 Protection Plan cover?

COVID-19 Protection Plan is health insurance and provides coverage for inpatient medical treatment expenses at epidemic hospitals due to COVID-19 infection. Coverage is valid only in the Republic of Turkey.

What are the offered coverages by COVID-19 Protection Plan?

COVID-19 Protection Plan provides Inpatient Medical Treatment Expenses and Repatriation of Remains due to COVID-19 Infection.

What is The Epidemic Hospital?

The Epidemic Hospital is a compatible hospital with the epidemic hospitals criteria of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.

Does the policy cover existing COVID-19 infection prior to the policy purchase?

COVID-19 Protection Plan provides coverage if diagnosis of the insured COVID-19 Infection occurs after the insured’s entry from the customs of the Turkish Republic.

What is the maximum coverage period?

COVID-19 Protection Plan provides coverage up to 365 days in line with the insured’s travel period.

Is there any applicable waiting period?

There is no applicable waiting period on the COVID-19 Protection Plan.

What is the maximum inpatient medical treatment period is covered by COVID-19 Protection Plan?

In case the insured inpatient medical treatment, related to a covered event within the policy period, continues after the policy expiration date, the inpatient medical treatment expenses up to 10 days as of the policy ending date are covered within the policy total limit.

Who is eligible for the COVID-19 Protection Plan?

Anyone who is ranging in age from 6 months (excluded) to 65 (included) with foreign nationality stated on the policy, whose permanent residence is located out of the borders of the Turkish Republic. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey are not covered.

How COVID-19 Protection Plan makes the claim payments?

Inpatient medical treatments due to COVID-19 at public or private epidemic hospitals within the Republic of Turkey are covered by the COVID-19 Protection Plan.

  • If the epidemic hospital is a preferred medical organization of Unico Sigorta, Unico Insurance Medical Processing Center should be called during the admission to the epidemic hospital. Unico Insurance Medical Processing
  • The Center will evaluate the compliance of the inpatient medical treatment invoices to be issued in accordance with the policy terms and provide provisions to the epidemic hospital.
  • If the epidemic hospital a non-preferred medical organization claim payment will be made to the insured on a reimbursement basis within the below-stated limitations
  • Treatments/surgery procedures that are defined under the Turkish Medical Association tariff are limited to 2 times of Turkish Medical Association rates.
  • Treatments/ surgery procedures that are not defined under the Turkish Medical Association Tariff are limited with the average cost of the equivalent hospital.
  • The updated list of preferred medical organizations can be reached from the web address www.unicosigorta.com.tr on the “Preferred Services” item located under the “Claim Services” title or by calling 0 850 222 28 00 Unico Sigorta Medical Provision Center. Insurer keeps the right to revise the preferred medical organizations.

What are the exclusions of the COVID-19 Protection Plan?

You are suggested to read the Turkish Health Insurance General Conditions and policy terms. Exclusions are stated on Section G of the policy Special Terms and Conditions and Article 2 of Health Insurance General Conditions.

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