My employment authorization is soon to expire. Can I make a residence permit application?

You have 60 days before your work permit expires to apply for a dwelling permit that will serve your needs.

Do I require a residence permit after receiving a work permit?

As long as they are in good standing, work permits issued by the Ministry of Labor, Social Services, and Family or by government agencies with authority to do so under local law are considered legal residence permits. The residency permit and the work permit both have expiration dates. Foreign nationals are deemed to have violated their residence permit if they don't extend their stay or don't apply for a new one in line with their new status.

Will my residence permit be canceled when my work permit is canceled?

For as long as it lasts, the residential permit will replace the work permit. You have an additional 10 legal days after the work visa expires, during which time you can apply for a proper residence permit. In accordance with the terms of the residence permit, there is a legal right for 10 further days, during which time the appropriate residence permit may be requested. If a foreign national possesses both a work permit and a residence permit, the residence permit will not be withdrawn if the work permit is canceled and will continue to allow the individual to remain legally in the country. The individual is permitted to stay until the expiration of their residence permit.

I have a work permit. Can I study in Turkey?

The student may benefit from the work permit and the rights granted by the student's residence permit if a foreigner with a work permit requires obtaining a residence permit.

How many months/ years do I have to have a residence permit to apply for a work permit?

The applicant may apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security if they have a past retention period of at least 6 months (apart from short-term residence permits for touristic purposes) and still have a valid residence permit to submit work permit applications from our country. This does not apply to those granted the right to apply domestically as per the legal regulations.

When the work permit is considered as a residence permit, should the foreigners make any notification?

The work permit and work permit exemption confirmation document shall take the place of the residence permit following Article 27 of Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. Within 20 working days of their entry into our country, foreign nationals who have been granted work permits must register with the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management.

I'm under temporary protection, can I get a work permit?

Six months after receiving their Temporary Protection Identification Document, foreign nationals who are temporarily protected may apply for a work permit or an exemption from the requirement for one.

I hereby granted refugee status in Turkey, can I get a work permit?

After receiving their subsidiary protection or refugee status, beneficiaries are free to work for themselves or someone else, subject only to any restrictions imposed by other laws that forbid foreigners from pursuing particular occupations. A work permit may be substituted for on the identity document given to a refugee or beneficiary of subsidiary protection, and this information must be noted on the document.

I'm a student in Turkey. Where can I apply for a work permit?

Turkish students enrolled in formal associate, undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate programs may work if they obtain a work permit. However, after the first year, associate or undergraduate students have the right to work, which is governed by relevant law. The Ministry of Labor, Social Services, and Family receives applications.

Can graduate or doctoral students apply for a work permit while studying in Turkey?

Graduate or doctoral students studying in Turkey may be employed if they are granted a work permit. The requirement to obtain a residence permit during the duration of the work permit is waived for students who obtain one. When the work permit expires or is not renewed, the student must apply for a residence permit.

Do we need a work permit for foreign football players?

For their contracts, football players, other athletes, and coaches deemed acceptable by the Turkish Football Federation and the General Directorate of Youth and Sports do not require a work permit.