Welcome to Ikamet! We provide new clients with 12 months of limited support to assist with settling in Turkey. This includes guidance on utilities, driver's licenses, rental agreements, bank accounts, healthcare, and community connections. Enjoy exclusive perks like discounted insurance during this period.

What's Included in the First 12 Months

  • Guidance on getting utilities connected, applying for a local driver's license, understanding rental agreements, opening a bank account, navigating healthcare systems, and connecting with local communities.
  • Exclusive perks, such as discounted insurance.
  • Assistance with reapplication for a permit if issued for a shorter period than applied and paid for within the initial 12-month service period.
  • Waiver of Ikamet's service fees in case of reapplication.

What's Not Included

  • Support for permit or citizenship applications if a client chooses to self-apply.
  • Ongoing support after the initial 12 months.

Our Goal: Ikamet aims to make your first year as smooth as possible while encouraging independence and self-sufficiency in Turkey. The 12-month support period equips you with the knowledge to thrive independently.

For Continued Support: Subscribing to our ongoing services provides continuous assistance and perks beyond the initial 12 months. Expect the same level of dedicated guidance and exclusive benefits.

Maximize Your 12-Month Support: Set yourself up for long-term success, whether independently or with ongoing membership. Here's to a successful start in your new home!


Review our full terms and services before registering to ensure we meet your needs during the initial settlement period and beyond. Our team is ready to answer any questions and clarify what our limited support includes. Here’s to a successful start in your new home!