For those of you who want to stay longer than 90 days, would you like a residence permit for tourism?

These are not new questions or policies but current regulations and knowing these questions in advance will help you be prepared and understand what this means. These questions are being brought up which are due to the abuse of the residency program in recent years.

There are some important things to keep in mind when going through the process of obtaining a permit. There's so much misinformation out there, so it can be really hard to know what information is true and which isn't.

That's why we want to make sure everyone has the most up-to-date information about acquiring a permit to reside in Turkey.

Include as many details to answer every question possible.

How long do you plan to stay in Turkiye?

  • 3-6 months is for tourist purposes, and it can be renewed if needed.
  • For one-year leases, 6-12 months are for tourists, students, and property owners who are open for renewal.
  • For 1-2 years, this will only be available to those who are visiting, studying, or those who bought the property.
  • 2-5 year agreements are common when a foreigner marries a Turkish citizen or accompanies one spouse who has a work permit for more than 1 year. This can also apply to foreigners studying in Turkiye.

Detail the purpose of your stay:

If you have any supporting documents for your declaration, add them to your form.

  • Example: I'm moving to Turkey and looking for a house to purchase.
  • Example: My kids are going to college in Istanbul.
  • Example: Here are the travel plans I have set up for my upcoming trip to these three cities. My itinerary for this trip and my hotel reservations are attached.
  • Example: I am staying at my friend, Sasha's house. They live on 123 Street and they've given me permission to stay there until October 1st with copies of their identification and letter of invitation.
  • Example: I'm going to do some research and invest in different markets.
  • Example: I need to get some medical treatment.
  • Example: I can't visit my native country at this time because of restrictions i.e. war, travel, pandemic, etc.

I came to Turkiye with the purpose of travel. I have an itinerary and reservation for accommodation:

  • This is the box you need to tick when confirming that the sentence was accurate.
  • All original documents will need to be submitted, such as a Notarized Rental Agreement, Letter of Intent for Home, or Airbnb (or other services) along with an undertaking if staying with family or friends.
  • An itinerary is useful when you're traveling to keep track of what you've done and where you are going next.

I came to Turkiye with the purpose of travel, but I do not have an itinerary nor a reservation for accommodation:

  • This is a trick question.
  • While this may seem difficult, please refrain from answering if you don't have an itinerary or accommodations booked
  • It has been determined that this practice is no longer encouraged because they want to see the itinerary for your travel plans (32 & 15 Madde, equals rejection).
  • Plan your trip. Find accommodation and create an itinerary.

I came to Turkiye to work.

  • This is a trick question.
  • Not recommended without supporting evidence.
  • Example: letter of an employment contract.
  • Example: plan to apply for a work permit.
  • One will need a six-month residence permit before applying for a legal job.

I am working in Turkiye for __________, company, for time __________:

  • This is a trick question.
  • Automatic rejection due to invalid work permit or supporting documentation.
  • Your work permit will expire if you try to renew it for tourist purposes.
  • Keep your work permit valid by not renewing it for tourist purposes.
  • If you quit or are fired or are going to be let go, know that your work permit will be canceled and you can apply for a tourist permit up to 10 days after your last day worked.
  • Attach one copy of the work permit (one front and one back) to this form. Keep physical card at home.
  • Please attach a copy of your SGK records from e-Devlet.
  • Please provide documentation for ending employment (e.g., termination letter or letter from the Ministry of Labor).

Fill in the information regarding your income:

These are just some of the ways you can support yourself financially.

  • Example: I work for an American company as a digital nomad who gets paid every two weeks.
  • Example: I'm an entrepreneur, self-employed of sorts; running my business online.
  • Example: My savings will last me for the duration of my stay
  • Example: After an honorable career service, I retired with a well-deserved pension.
  • Example: By day, I teach children in China through online video-conferencing.

Your monthly average income:

According to early 2022 calculations, this amount is estimated to be around TL 25,503, 1.5 times the standard minimum Turkish national wage (TL 17,002), for each adult.

For each additional member of a family, this minimum requires an extra month of the minimum wage (TL 8,501).

What Do Turkish Authorities Mean by ‘Adequate Funding’?

Example: For a 12-month Turkish residence permit, a single adult should have TL 306,036 (around $9,500 United States Dollars) in their bank account or be able to show TL 25,503 monthly regular income. A couple, in turn, would need to show at least TL 408,048 in savings. With a child as a family of 3, a couple should expect to have at least TL 510,060 to show as financial proof.

So, to obtain a Turkish residence permit, an applicant must have enough money to prove they can sustain themselves in Turkey. One person needs TL 25,503, two people need at least TR 34,004, and three people require TL 42,505 per month through regular income.

  • One couple needs an estimate of 25,503 + 8,501 (+1) = TL 34,004 Turkish lira per month
  • A family of three: 25,503 + 17002 (1+1) = TL 42,505 is estimated to be Turkish lira per month.
  • A couple with two children can expect an average monthly cost of TL 51,006.

The official minimum wage for 2024 is a net of TL 17,002 (17 thousand 002 TL). The above is for illustration purposes only.

Describe your source of income:

If you are applying together with your family members and information of your family members and make sure that you have added to the declaration form supporting documents which are showing that you have sufficient funds or regular income. SImilar to the above questions.

Financial supporting documents:

  • 3 months salary, or pension, rental income, showing consistent and regular income,
  • or 6 months of records documenting your savings, spending habits, and account balances,
  • or the sum of blocked funds for the duration applied for.

Are you married to a Turkish citizen?

  • Simply answer Yes or No
  • Yes? Send a copy of their ID along with it.
  • No, please skip this part.

Write if you have any family members residing in Turkey:

  • A relationship you have with someone else
  • What is their foreign identification number?
  • What is the full name of this person?
  • What province do they live in?

Is there any other subject you would like to mention?

  • Do you want to add anything?
  • Yes? An explanation is required.
  • No? No explanation required.

List of documents added to form:

  • List all documents that were submitted to the Declaration of Facts

Fill out this application accurately and completely:

I hereby confirm the information mentioned above, and I am aware that if I give a false statement legal procedures will be implemented to me according to Article 206 of Turkish Criminal Code Law No. 5237, my residence permit application will be considered invalid, will be canceled if it has been given and removal decision process will be started. I accept the processing of my personal information. I give my express consent to the processing of my personal information within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698


Here is a sample declaration form