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Employment of Foreigners

Employment of foreigners subjects to specific regulations. Therefore, companies should give attention to following points when they plan to employ foreign employees in Turkey: * Companies must employ 5 Turkish Citizens for each 1 foreigner. This criteria will be applied otherwise the company does not have exemption certificate given by the...

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Turkey Raises Minimum Wages for 2020

Turkey’s net minimum wage up 15 percent for 2020 * Turkey’s monthly minimum wage is to rise for 2020 * The government of Turkey annually designates a gross pretax minimum wage and a net minimum wage after taxes and deductions Turkey’s monthly minimum wage is to increase for 2020,...

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Finding work in Turkey

For many of you, along with a new life comes the prospect of a new job. Whether you are being transferred to the Turkish branch of your company or intend to find a job on your own, you need to be aware of the rights and benefits you are eligible...

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