Thanks to the guarantees in the travel health insurance policy, a large part of your health care costs are covered, so you can travel both domestically and internationally without any problems. As we briefly mentioned above, there are a few different ways to get a quote for travel insurance. You can choose the one that works best for you and then buy travel insurance so that you can travel safely in the countries where you can go with a Schengen visa.

Where to Buy Travel Health Insurance?

  • By Receiving Offers from Insurance Companies.

To get travel health insurance, fill out the online application form to get quotes from insurance companies. Prices and coverages for travel health insurance vary by company, so it's important to get quotes from more than one company. If you want, you can create a claim on for free by entering your name, last name, phone number, and identity information. This will allow you to compare the travel health insurance plans offered by different insurance companies. Our insurance experts will get back to them as soon as they can and tell them about the details of the policy.

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  • By calling the Call Center.

To get travel health insurance, call at 0850 390 26 21 to talk to one of our experts and fill out an application. Our expert team will tell you everything you need to know about this issue and help you decide which policy coverages are best.

Travel health insurance is a type of insurance that you can get from insurance companies or online insurance platforms. People who want insurance can think about a few different ways to get travel health insurance. You can get a quote for travel health insurance by calling the insurance company directly, filling out the necessary information on the website of an insurance broker company, or calling the call centre to ask for an insurance policy.

How to Get Travel Health Insurance?

Travel health insurance, which is set up by insurance companies, covers a large part of the costs of health care, up to the limits of the policy. So, after answering the question "Where can I get travel health insurance?" it is important to answer the question "How do I make the best travel health insurance?" For travel health insurance to be accepted as a visa requirement, you need to get a signed and stamped document from the insurance company. Insurance companies that offer travel health insurance can ask for product information, information about their identity and travel plans, payment information, and transaction confirmation.

When buying travel health insurance, it's important to compare what different companies have to offer, learn about the policy's coverage and what types of damages (material and non-material) it covers, find out what the policy's upper limit is, and compare additional coverages. Let's have a closer look at how to get travel health insurance!

  • Compare Insurance Companies!

Before buying travel health insurance, you should find out about the insurance companies. Because the guarantees covered by travel health insurance and the prices offered by different insurance companies can vary.

  • Learn About Death and Disability Statuses in the Policy

In the case of travel insurance, insurance companies also cover death and disability. However, the kind of disability covered by each insurance company varies. Some insurance companies only pay for the cost of treatment, while others pay for both the cost of treatment and the cost of getting back to the country. Before buying travel health insurance, it is very important to get as much information as possible about what is covered.

  • Find Out Under What Conditions Financial Damages Are Covered

Travel health insurance is a type of insurance that can be bought from insurance companies or online insurance platforms. There are a few different ways that people who want insurance can get travel health insurance. To get travel health insurance, you can get a quote online by filling out the necessary information on the online application form, or you can call the call centre and ask to create an insurance policy. You can find out more about travel health insurance by reading our article What is Travel Insurance?

Within the policy's scope, which is set by the general terms of travel health insurance, financial damage from things like loss, theft, or damage to the goods can also be covered, but the policy must have the right extra coverage for this to happen. Before you buy the best travel health insurance for yourself, it is also helpful to find out what the policy covers.

  • Adjust Policy Validity Period Based on Your Travel

Since you can only buy travel health insurance every once in a while, you need to know how long you will be gone before you buy a policy. You can get a cheaper policy if you buy one that is only good for the length of your trip.

  • Find Out the Upper Limit of Medical Expenses

The upper limit for medical expenses covered by travel health insurance is usually set at 30,000 Euros, but this amount may vary from company to company. Before you buy travel health insurance, you should find out what the upper limit is set at by the company in question.

  • Compare Additional Guarantees

One of the best things about travel health insurance is that it covers not only medical costs but also a lot of other things that could happen during the trip. Before getting travel health insurance, it's also important to compare these services and find out when they apply from different insurance companies. You can read our article about travel health insurance coverage to find out more.

  • Find Out the Contracted Centers of the Insurance Company in the Region You Will Travel to

It is important to look up the health centres that your insurance company has contracts with in the country where you will be traveling with a Schengen visa so that you know which health centre you will be treated in if you get sick or hurt. Expenses in the health centre are limited, unless they are paid for by the insurance company. If you go to a health centre that is not on the insurance company's list, you will have to pay for some of your treatment out of pocket. You can look at our content to learn how to get a Schengen visa.

  • Research the Exempt Products of the Insurance Company

Travel health insurance is available with and without exemptions. The prices of insurances with exemptions are higher than the prices of insurances without exemptions. For some risks, this situation gives you a low premium because the insurance company lowers the risk by adding the exemption requirement to the policy. This may seem like a good idea at first, but after figuring out the risk, you have to switch to the exempt products.

  • Get Quotes from Different Insurance Companies

Get price quotes from different insurance companies before you buy travel health insurance. This will help you find the best policy for you.

By Comparing Travel Health Insurance Plans, You Can Find the Most Affordable One.

You can get in touch with our insurance experts by filling out a form on or by calling our call centre. By getting a travel health insurance quote on, you can compare the offers of dozens of different insurance companies and find the most appropriate and complete policy. You can also take precautions against possible risks in advance.