What steps must primary and secondary school students take to obtain a residence permit?

Children from other countries residing in our country under a family residency permit are entitled to educational benefits. These foreign nationals do not require any additional residence permits. Applicants for student residence permits who are under 18 and not traveling with their parents must provide a consent certificate, birth certificate, and undertaking certificate. However, visitors from abroad must have a visa appropriate for their intended purpose of travel to attend primary and secondary schools. On the other hand, the residence permit is structured with one year for those who fall under the purview of the academic year from the start to the beginning of the next academic year.

I signed up for a course to learn Turkish. How do the applications for residence permits go?

If you directly enroll in a Turkish language course, you can only obtain a short-term residence permit if you enter our country with a visa for a Turkish language course. This residency permit, however, can only be issued twice. If you enroll in the university and the university directs you to TMER, a student residence permit is given to you until the start of the subsequent academic year if you can provide documentation of your circumstances. Students who arrive in our nation on a student visa but choose not to enroll in a university because their level of Turkish is insufficient are allowed to have a short-term residence permit. They are then directed to a Turkish language course.

Are student residence permits charged?

Students at Turkish universities or colleges are given free residence permits. In addition, students attending consultants, embassy schools, and international schools—all of which are not Turkish schools—are charged a residence permit fee.

I'm a student with a valid residence permit. I married a citizen of Turkey. Do I have to modify the kind of residence permit I have? If I meet the requirements, can I obtain a family residence permit?

A family residence permit may be granted to a foreign national who has a student residence permit if the requirements for such a permit become applicable. Additionally, the student will have the same privileges as the residence permit as long as they continue to adhere to its requirements. If the student chooses, they may extend their legal stay with a residence permit.

I graduated long before my student residence permit expired. Will my residence permit continue, how should I proceed?

Graduate students must apply for a new residence permit within ten days that are appropriate for their new stay because their current one expires on the day they graduate. When a student is unable to complete their education during the allotted time, their residence permit is extended for a maximum of one year, but not longer.

Which type of residence permit can foreigners apply for private students, open education or distance education?

On the grounds of special students, open education, or distance education, student residence permits are not permitted. You must apply for a residence permit if you meet the requirements.

Are degrees awarded by Turkish universities recognized abroad?

The Higher Education Council (Ministry of Higher Education of Turkey) oversees all Turkish universities (YOK). The European Union program known as the Bologna Process, which aims to harmonize academic standards among 47 nations, includes YOK and Turkish universities. The local education authority in each country typically determines what qualifications are equivalent.

Do I have to speak Turkish?

You must be fluent in Turkish to enroll in an academic program where Turkish is the language of instruction. Please confirm the language(s) in which the course of study will be offered. You are not required to learn Turkish if the language of instruction is English, but you are strongly advised to do so in order to enjoy your social and cultural experience fully.

What language is used in Turkish universities for instruction?

Turkish or English are the languages of instruction at Turkish universities. Additionally, a second foreign language course or elective may be needed. For complete details, kindly check with the relevant university.

Do I have to submit proof of my language proficiency?

English is the primary language of instruction at many Turkish universities. Students participating in Erasmus exchange programs and exchange students whose first language is English are exempt from submitting any paperwork; however, students whose first language is not English must submit documentation of their English language ability. While some universities have their own academic English language exams, others require a minimum proficiency in one of the internationally recognized languages or entrance exams (TOEFL, PTE, SAT, etc.).

Are there Turkish language classes offered at Turkish universities?

Turkish language study is optional at universities where English is the primary language of instruction. However, this course will significantly improve international students' experience living in Turkey.

Am I an Exchange, Erasmus Exchange or Special Student candidate?

Given that each has a different application process, this should be decided before applying. If your current home university and your desired university in Turkey have a bilateral agreement, you are an Erasmus exchange or exchange student. You submit an application to your home university. Please contact the exchange office at your home university if you have any questions about your eligibility.

If you submit an independent application or your home university agrees to cover the cost of your stay at the Turkish university of your choice, you are a special student.

What should I do to enroll in a Turkish university as an exchange student?

Before applying to a Turkish university, you must receive a nomination from your home institution.

How should I apply if my university doesn't have a partnership with any Turkish universities?

The only choice is to submit an application as a Special Student.

As an exchange student, I want to attend school in Turkey. Can I send the credits to my college?

Yes, you can transfer credits to your home university, but to ensure recognition, you should have your home university approve your course selection before you arrive.

What are the benefits of the Erasmus Programme?

• Overseas experience 

• Education in multicultural environment 

• Recognition of different cultures 

• Promoting your own culture 

• Making new friends 

• Establishing business & professional networks 

• Experiencing a different school 

• Observing a different system

What standards apply for admission to Turkish universities?

Each host institution has its own set of admission requirements. The selection process will consider one's academic history, language proficiency, and other factors.

What are the deadlines for applications?

Please check the admission requirements of the relevant university, as they may vary from one university to the next.

Will I get an orientation program?

Many universities, especially all private universities, offer incoming students a well-organized orientation week. Before your arrival on campus, you will typically receive an email with the program. For more information, kindly get in touch with your host university's international office.

What kind of assistance do international offices offer to students from other countries?

An orientation program is provided during pre-registration to teach students how to use public transportation, including student-only transportation cards, apply for residence permits, and obtain student identification cards. Any questions can be directed to the international office at their university.

Do I need visa?

As soon as you have your acceptance letter, get in touch with the Turkish Consulate that is most conveniently located in your nation to apply for a student visa. Between 15 and 45 days may pass during the procedure. Within 30 days of your arrival, you must apply for a residence permit. By doing this, you'll be able to enter and exit Turkey without applying for a visa again.

Can a tourist visa be obtained instead of a residence permit?

This is indeed feasible. At the border, visitors can obtain tourist visas. Depending on your home country, it lasts for three months. Since this is less than an entire semester, it is best to secure the required student visa in order to finish your coursework in Turkey.

Can I get a job with a student visa?

After obtaining a Student Residence Permit, international students may legally work in Turkey. But only after finishing their first year of study can international students who are enrolled in undergraduate or two-year associate programs begin working in Turkey. In this case, the directorate for student internship/working conditions and regulations must also be complied with.