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Working in Turkey as a Foreigner: Can You?

Let's start with this: You cannot work in any job in Turkey without obtaining a work permit first, and officially you cannot work until your work permit has been approved. If you're found to be working illegally in Turkey, you will be punished and may be detained or deported. Work...

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Employment of Foreigners

Employment of foreigners subjects to specific regulations. Therefore, companies should give attention to following points when they plan to employ foreign employees in Turkey: * Companies must employ 5 Turkish Citizens for each 1 foreigner. This criteria will be applied otherwise the company does not have exemption certificate given by the...

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Finding work in Turkey

For many of you, along with a new life comes the prospect of a new job. Whether you are being transferred to the Turkish branch of your company or intend to find a job on your own, you need to be aware of the rights and benefits you are eligible...

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How to Apply for Work Permit in Turkey

Foreigners who want to work in Turkey are required to get a work permit. In order to get your work permit, you are required to submit needed documents and follow certain stages within the timeframe of work permit. The applications for work permit made through e-Government portal of Turkey (turkiye....

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Entry Visa and Work Permits

Obtaining a long-term residence permit in Turkey is a process that can prove lengthy (a few weeks at best) and is often easier to initiate from within the country (for more information, check our long-term permits in Turkey article). Hence, a number of expats enter Turkey under a visa — a...

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