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Preliminary Information Form

Steps to Sign Up

1. Clicking on the Sign-Up Link in your one-on-one email.

To sign up for www.ikamet.com click on "Sign Up" in the top right corner of our homepage.

2. Filling Out the Form

Click the "New Member" button on the "Log In" page and fill in the Name, Surname, E-mail, Password, and Phone Details completely and enter the control code correctly. If you want to be informed about the campaigns, you can individually mark the gaps titled "I want to be informed by email." and "I want to be informed via SMS." You can sign up by clicking on the "Continue" button upon marking "I have read and accept the user agreement.". When the process is completed, a welcome e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address.

3. Viewing and/or Changing Profile Information

You can see your Membership Information, Order Information, Addresses, and Favorite Products or Services by clicking on My Account next to the Welcome 'Your Name' box in the top right corner of our homepage. You can update your name, surname, mobile phone, date of birth, gender info, and password from the "Membership Information" tab. On the "My Orders" section, you can see the status of your order or view your previous orders and repeat your order with a single click. You can add new address information from the "My Addresses" section, or edit or delete the current addresses. You can view your favorite products from the "My Favorites" section.

Steps to Sign In

1. Signing In

To log in, go to www.ikamet.com, enter your e-mail address and the password you used when creating your account in the "Membership" link in the top right corner of our homepage. Click on the "Log in (Sign in)" button. If you mark "Remember me", you will automatically log in next time. You can enter the Ikamet website directly if the email addresses in your Facebook or Google+ accounts match.

2. Requesting A New Password In Case You Forget Your Password

If you forget your password, click the "I Forgot My Password" link under the Membership section. Enter the e-mail address you used while creating your membership with the control code in the forwarding page e-mail field, then click on the "send" button. The password renewal link will be sent to the e-mail account used when you sign up. Upon clicking this link, you can renew your password from the redirected page.

Steps for Product Purchase

1. Opening www.ikamet.com website

You can log in and order at www.ikamet.com.

2. Adding Products to Bucket or Completing Form

Choose the product and duration, and similar products, from the products and/or service menus on the upper side of the page when ordering. Please choose the address you want the order to be sent to and click the "Add" button. You have to choose the main product to choose additional products, etc.

3. Change Details in Bucket

On Your Bucket page, You can change the number of products, see the total amount of your product including VAT, delete any product in the bucket and change your selections by clicking on the products.

4. Purchasing Products in Your Bucket

You can view the products in your bucket first on the Your Bucket page. When you click the "Order" button, the minimum amount of bucket must be TRY 10.00 to process the order. When you click the "Order" or "Add" button, you will be directed to the "Membership" page if you have not signed in yet.

5. Discount Coupon

If you have discount coupons from Ikamet Limited or its affiliates, enter the "Discount Coupon" on the "Your Bucket" screen or "Order Confirmation" screen. Click on the "Apply" button on the right side of the box where the discount coupon is entered. If the coupon is valid, the discount amount will automatically be reflected in the order amount.

6. Creating a Delivery Address for Products

You must create a record including your address information in the "My Addresses" page for us to deliver your order to your address. Also, in case you want to take your order from the shop, you should use the "Come&Get" option and choose one of the nearest Ikamet branches.

7. Forms of Payment Information

Depending on which shop you choose, you can choose any of the payment options at the door (Cash, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or PayPal.) in the Forms of Payment section on the Order Confirmation screen. Payment options can be updated at any time, available options can be removed, new options can be added.

8. Send Time

The send time of your order will be determined according to the time you complete your order.

9. Payment Note

You can use the Payment Note section if there is a message you want to forward to Ikamet about your order.

10. Display and Approval of Order Confirmation Page

The "Order Confirmation" page requires you to check delivery addresses, the products in your bucket and the amount of the products, and the accuracy of your payment option.

11. Order Completion

Once you have entered your information correctly for payment, you will see a page saying that your order has been completed. Your order number is on this page. The details about your order will also be sent to your e-mail address.

12. Approval and After

If you want to cancel your order, you can call frontline at 0850-390-26-21. In case of cancellation of your order due to Ikamet, you will be informed by the frontline call center.

Privacy Policy

Members, who marked the gaps titled "I want to be informed by email." and "I want to be informed via SMS." on Ikamet Limited website at www.ikamet.com will accept that Ikamet Limited to record, store, use, update their information in the membership form for any promotion, publicity, sales, marketing, membership applications, other commercial communications, and informing, to convey this information to Ikamet Limited’s representatives, subsidiaries/franchisees, and limited to this service, to share with the third parties providing commercial communication services, and that to allow them for commercial and other electronic communications to contact with members through SMS, push notification, e-mail, telephone, and similar methods. Members, as we shall indicate in our communications, may terminate the notifications at any time they want without any reason.

Information Note

Our company policy regarding any possible discrepancies between consumers and Ikamet Limited and its affiliates is that the parties agree in good faith and that these discrepancies are solved with customer satisfaction as much as possible. For orders, suggestions, and complaints, you can contact us via our Customer Service section on our website or our Call Center at 0850-390-26-21. Customers may apply to Consumer Arbitration Committees or Consumer Courts for disputes relating to their order. Monetary limits for consumer arbitration committees to be responsible and authorized for discrepancies; The upper monetary limit for district consumer arbitration committees is 2,200 Turkish Liras, the monetary limit for provincial consumer arbitration committees in metropolitan provinces is between 2,320 and 3,480 Turkish Liras, the upper monetary limit for provincial consumer arbitration committees in other provinces (non-metropolitan) is 3.480 Turkish Liras, the monetary limit for the provincial consumer arbitration committees in the non-metropolitan provinces' districts is between 2.320 and 3.480 Turkish Liras. For discrepancies over these values, consumer arbitration committees are not available so consumer courts should be applied. The competent authority is the consumer arbitration committee and consumer courts where the place of the consumer's residence is located or where the transaction is made. In case of discrepancy, you may also apply to all alternative methods of settling disputes accepted in our countries such as arbitration and conciliation. Alternative methods of settling disputes are known to be faster, more economical, and more effective. Applying for these methods will not make you lose your right to apply for legal remedies.