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How to Transfer Money Using Wise Türkiye: Pros & Cons

Transfer your money worldwide at cost saving rates Wise provides a low-cost way to send money from Turkey to dozens of countries, as well as some of the best exchange rates. As an expat, managing your finances in different countries and currency can be challenging. Select an online money transfer...

by Admin

Top 10 Benefits of Listing Your Business in a Local Online Directory

Planning to increase your presence in the regional market? An inexpensive and effective strategy to boost exposure is to list your company in an online business directory. Join Ikamet's directory! The Yellow Pages' inevitable demise was sealed by Google. However, results from a Google search may be highly suspect; the...

by Admin

The Benefits of Trademark Registration

A trademark is a type of intellectual property that consists of a recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies and distinguishes products or services from other sources. The owner of a trademark can be an individual, a business organization, or any legal entity. Brand Registration Can Help You Protect Your...

by Admin

Reality Check: Being an Expat

Many people fantasize about living abroad, but it's important to remember that expat life isn't all parties and weekend trips. What happens after the initial giddy excitement wears off? You, like many first-time expats, will want more out of life than you had back home. People often consider moving abroad...

by Admin
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